Friday, December 28, 2012

On The Go!

I found this image and inspirational
 words of wisdom while
scrolling through the Facebook feed.

I have repeated this to myself on a daily basis
(several times a day).

It sits well with me because
~I am a dreamer~

...and it's words are true.

This morning I thought about my life's story.

Is it what I want to sit around 
and tell my grand kids?
Not really.

 I need some more adventures!

I want a real story:
A, "How did you get here?", story.

I think I'm getting closer.

Here's to a New Year and New Adventures!

xo, Amber

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas
to all of my friends and family.

image from the internet, source unknown.
Thank you for following my
ramblings and taking the 
time to let me know 
what you think.
I truly appreciate
every single one of you.

image from the internet, source unknown
 but I sure wish he was mine!
May all your Christmas wishes come
true and the New Year
bring you nothing but goodness,
prosperity and good health.

From my heart, Amber

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chalky love

Chalkboards have become a staple
at Black Rooster Cottage.
Step into the shoppe and you will
always find several to choose from.
From rustique handmade frames
to insanely ornate ones,
there's always one to please the eye.
This particular one,
will always be in the family.
It had an interesting canvas in it that
wasn't quite my style,
but the frame... oh, that frame!
THAT'S what caught my eye.

Oh, how I love chalkboards in the home
with wonderful sayings.
What a fun way to set the mood for
a gathering or season.

Or as a daily reminder that if you
anything is possible.

I believe.
Do you?
May your magical dreams come true ~
xo, Amber

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Taking Reservations!

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?


You never know.

She's a little shabby but with our love,
she can shine like the gem
she's meant to be.
{Honestly, she's not bad for 1856!}
Did I mention the cottages that will be refurbished
as the rentals?
Yes ma'am.
I am wishing on every star, remembering
what my knees are for {praying} and
uncovering every cotton pickin'
rock, to try and make this a reality.
About those reservations...
The investment and dream getaway
of a lifetime!
Only $100 for two nights,
a gourmet breakfast each morning,
my sweet hospitality and some
GOOD junking {I'm sure}!
Local activities include:
~Year round hunting and fishing.
~Year round local theater.
~Antiquing and junking.
~Rich in American history.
~Historic home tours.
~Ghost hunting.
~Beautiful Countryside.
~Horseback riding.
... and so much more!
This pre-registration and sweet deal
 is reserved for my
 Black Rooster Cottage
fans, friends and family
I'll even have a glass of sweet tea
waiting for you.
How can a Bank refuse a loan
to someone that already has
I just keep reminding myself:
Sometimes dreams do come true.
xo, Amber
{I'll keep the light on for you}
p.s. lips are locked to where this is... sorry! ;)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

When All Else Fails...

...Make Cupcakes!!

Friday was a special day.
I should have been at
The Vintage Marketplace
selling goods
but I chose to
"take the show off".
I didn't miss it though!
I made a special delivery to a special friend
{see photo below}
Friday morning then returned Saturday to
visit my girls!
photo courtesy of Rita Reade~Mammabellarte
Those cupcakes...
I also made LOTS more for a
bus full of fun ladies at my
Boutique #17.
For Rita, I made Vintage Vanilla on Vanilla
with a surprise batch of
Red Velvet and Cream Cheese.
For the store...
nothing but Red Velvet!
And white chocolate pretzels
and some mixed nuts.
I knew the store would be bustling so I made
extras. Lots and LOTS of extras.
Total for both events, I think I made close to
500 cupcakes (minis).

It was a great day.
I love the look of surprise
from shoppers that are
taken back by the site of treats...
in a space...
at the Antique Mall.
Quite fun, I have to say!
The next great cupcake adventure:
Saturday, December 15
for the Granny's Store Wide Sale!!
The sale is both Saturday and Sunday.
I think Red Velvet will be the flavor of choice.
So, save the date and come see me at...
Space #17
Granny's Attic Antique Mall
28450 Felix Valdez
Temecula, CA 92590
Open daily 10-5
Happy Monday Friends,
Happy Monday!
xo, Amber