Friday, August 31, 2012

Black Rooster Cottage Style

I am so very smitten with Black, Burlap, Weathered and
My upcoming show will feature all of these colors and elements,
as will my space No. 17 in Granny's, after the show.
It's all about FALL, Baby!
Here are some pictures I came across on FB and Pinterest
that have given me such inspiration.
**Some of these have watermark, giving credit to the owner,
as some do not, and I apologize.
If you recognize any of these photos,
please email me so proper credit is given.**

this photo just sent to me by my sweet friend
Rita Reade~Mammabellarte

Photo by Rita Read~Mammabellarte
My Labor Day weekend will
definitely be a Laborious one!
Wishing you a fun filled weekend...
See ya soon!
xo, Amber

Friday, August 24, 2012


The Count Down Begins!
Two weeks from today is ...
The Vintage Marketplace
~Rustic Romance~
Black Rooster Cottage
will be bringing
you a Fall inspired
French Farmhouse
dining room!
Previews to come in future posts!
See you there!!
xo, Amber

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Girls Gone...

On a Road Trip!
Not a long one, just long enough
to have some fun and visit
with friends!

We traveled to the OC
(Orange County), heading to
is the publisher for many,
many, many

photo by Rita Reade~Mammabellarte (behind the lens)
L to R: Sylvia~Paris Cowgirl
Deb~Homeward Found
Beth~Our  Hostess
traveled with
to which we then we met up with
to have lunch with the fabulous
Beth Livesay,
who has quite the
long list of titles with
Stampington  & Company
 and Romantic Homes.
 We picnic lunched
and had a fantastic
meeting of the minds!
{I didn't take pictures inside there because
that stuff is top secret!}

We dropped off product samples,
picked up product samples
and took goofy pictures.
It was wonderful.

On our way back down to the Valley,
we stopped in at
Mora's Antiques
since I have never been
and always wanted to go.

Looky here!

Make sure you make the time to stop by Mora's
when you come down for
The Vintage Marketplace
September 7th & 8th!
I think there are a few other shoppes in
the area as well!

Lastly, here is the cutest punkin'
that Miss. Deb gave me (we all got one)
as a gift.

The beginning of my Fall decorating!

Happy days everyone!!

xo, Amber

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Is Today This Day For You?

Some beautiful words to ponder.
I read this just after reading the one below.
Sometimes we just need to, be.

Everyone just needs ONE day.
One day to let go. A day to not worry.
One day to be creative.
A day to be sad, and a day to be happy.
Everyone just needs one day to put that smile
on their face and let their dreams come true.

 Its funny how one day can do so much.-SQ

A pretty simple recipe after reading this...

I think maybe we all could use a few more of the above days!

I hope today can be one of those for you!

xo, Amber

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Making Jewelry!

It's been a while since I took a class
about something I know nothing about.

Not one of my strongest suites.

I am a minimalist when it comes to the stuff
but figured I could learn something new
and incorporate it into some kind of decor.

{Can't wait till the holidays!
I hope my thoughts come to fruition.}

~The Mermaid Cuff~
by Robin Dudley-Howes

This cuff above was make by Robin, our teacher.
Not sure how I could make something like that!

The setting:
Rita Reade's Cottage home (Mammabellarte).
Potluck lunch.
Delicious Tiramasu, made by Rita.

Miss. Robin!
We were neighbors at a previous Vintage Marketplace.

A collection of kits to choose from. I was starting to perspire
seeing all those beads LOOSE in there!

A picture of the kit I chose. My instincts gravitated towards the
black/gold/red, but I fought it and chose something
un-ordinary (for me) for my project.

I'm thinking at this point, "Yeah, right!".

Wowzy! That's how they do it!

The girls... L to R... Donette, Christie, Christine and Pam.
(not shown: Rita and... dang it, I forgot her name)

My fish tendencies... shiny stuff!

In process... I'm starting to get excited!

Just about done!

Finished! With a little tulle on the back~Gorgeous!


It was a FUN day!
Mother Nature finished our class off with a very
nice Thunderstorm!
I drove home with the windows down because
I LOVE the smell of a Summer Rain.

Beautiful. Just Beautiful...
All of it.

xo, Amber

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sharing the *L*O*V*E*

I want to share a wonderful new blog,
 website and fb page with you all!

I know you will love it just as much as I do.

It will draw you in and fill you with 
that yummy warmth
that will have you longing for more,

Introducing Ms. Deb Kennedy...

... and her most fabulous
work at...

I hope you enjoy it and become a follower!

Till next time, stay COOL!

xo, Amber

*images shared from Ms. Kennedy's website and blog*

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My love for...


I am not sure when I started being obsessed with Roos and Hens.

No, I take that back.
My daughter was in Kindergarten.
Miss. V had ordered hatching eggs
and an incubator.
We ended up with two since we were moving to the country.
Our two little peeps turned out to be Roos.
The sweetest you'll ever find.

That was the first glimpse of the life of a chicken farmer.

I LOVE my chickens!!
 I will never have a poultry farm because,
that smell....
stings your nose.

When I was a teen we moved to the country and either way you
tried to get out of town, you would pass
a poultry farm.

Summer was horrid and if they happened to clean the hen houses
in the peak of hot season, you were in for a treat!

I am an obsessed chicken farmer.
My coop stays clean
and the patio gets a daily squirt from the hose.

Our lawn has never looked greener!

I also love the non-pooping kind...

I just found this at the Antique Mall.
It was love at first sight.
Love Toile!

I shall never part with this little light.
It serves as a night light in the kitchen.

I have regrets about this plaque.
It came with a cow and a sheep and I passed on those!
What was I thinking?!
Should've bought them all.

Our Vintage milkglass butter dish.
Yes, there's butter in there!

My newest Roo. Bought him at the
Antique Mall with the platter.

Can't tell you how many times I have painted this frame!
Black, Green, Red to Black.

These cuties were a gift from a friend.
So sweet and So Vintage!

Our home.

Off I go to prep for the Yard Sale.
Never a fun task but it'll be great to be rid of stuff!

Next house... Small.

xo, Amber