Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Art at Black Rooster Cottage

My sweet friend Debbie Watts of
surprised me with a wonderful gift, this past weekend.

A roll of Burlap ribbon with Black Roosters,
a darling pad of paper from Rachel,
a chubby little pen from Mary
and some super yummy {looking} sweet nuts and brittle.

"Only Great Minds Can Afford a Simple Style"
Henri. B Stendhal
{Really, Henri?}

Upon returning home after day #1 of The Vintage Marketplace,
I carried in my Boutique register and my
I was attacked at the door by two little vermin .

"OH! Presents for two little boys?!"
{Brock refers to himself and Trey this way~ ??}

'No, these are Mama's"
{yeah, right...}

The first thing: Sweet nuts and brittle=gone.
At least it kept them occupied temporarily.

At Black Rooster Cottage,
 you know something is amiss if it's quiet....

Before you freak out, no eyeball was poked out,
nobody got any kind of ink poisoning and yes,
it did all come off via Baby Wipes
 (what do they put in those things?!).

Sometimes, you just gotta let kids be kids.
I just thank the Lord it wasn't a Sharpie!

I think I need to start a separate Blog and call it:
Living With Brock and Trey.
Hm... no, there's not enough time in the day
to tell stories of these two

Until next time!

xo, Amber


Gretchen said...

I was thinking to myself when I first saw the pictures...I sure hope that isn't a Sharpie! Whew! They are so cute.

NanaDiana said...

Oh! I so remember the days of my own kids doing that kind of thing. One time the older daughter wrote her younger sister's name all up the wall to the upstairs. When I asked who did that (like I didn't know) she said..Mimi do'ed it....really? Considering Mimi did not even know how to hold a pen yet...and YES it wa a Sharpie! xo Diana

FrenchGardenHouse said...

They are so adorable, enjoy each and every moment, sweetie, even the "naughty" ones! Xo Lidy

Irma@CosasBellas said...

OMGosh Amber, they are such scrumptious little fellows :)
Looks like they had tons of fun with your new gift!

Hope your having a great week,

Kate said...

Dear Amber
This post makes me miss when my boys were this little. They are too stinkin cute!!! Love there curls, adorable.

Have a great week!

blossoms vintage chic said...

OMG Amber!! Looks like Brock and Trey are very their mommy! So glad they are fine and soooo glad they had a good time with everything...they are adorable!! Thinking it might be a great idea to start that blog!

cestMoi Sandy said...

Love it Amber!

Enjoy every stinkin moment!