Sunday, August 12, 2012

Making Jewelry!

It's been a while since I took a class
about something I know nothing about.

Not one of my strongest suites.

I am a minimalist when it comes to the stuff
but figured I could learn something new
and incorporate it into some kind of decor.

{Can't wait till the holidays!
I hope my thoughts come to fruition.}

~The Mermaid Cuff~
by Robin Dudley-Howes

This cuff above was make by Robin, our teacher.
Not sure how I could make something like that!

The setting:
Rita Reade's Cottage home (Mammabellarte).
Potluck lunch.
Delicious Tiramasu, made by Rita.

Miss. Robin!
We were neighbors at a previous Vintage Marketplace.

A collection of kits to choose from. I was starting to perspire
seeing all those beads LOOSE in there!

A picture of the kit I chose. My instincts gravitated towards the
black/gold/red, but I fought it and chose something
un-ordinary (for me) for my project.

I'm thinking at this point, "Yeah, right!".

Wowzy! That's how they do it!

The girls... L to R... Donette, Christie, Christine and Pam.
(not shown: Rita and... dang it, I forgot her name)

My fish tendencies... shiny stuff!

In process... I'm starting to get excited!

Just about done!

Finished! With a little tulle on the back~Gorgeous!


It was a FUN day!
Mother Nature finished our class off with a very
nice Thunderstorm!
I drove home with the windows down because
I LOVE the smell of a Summer Rain.

Beautiful. Just Beautiful...
All of it.

xo, Amber


Rita said...

Great story Amber! Thank you for coming. My brain is spinning too! Love your bling. Ciao Rita

Susie said...

Dear Amber, I am beginning to feel left out of the loop....everyone is taking some kind of class. Yours is the second blog today that I have read about jewelry making. :):) Good job. Smiles, Susie

NanaDiana said...

Oh- That turned out GREAT,Amber. You did a wonderful job on it. I have never made jewelry-wouldn't know where to start. I LOVE a summer rain, too. Blessings- xo Diana

Kate said...

the cuff is so beautiful!!!! So happy to see you share your other talents with us!

Have a great week!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Wow, Amber,that's gorgeous! So beautiful, you are so talented. xo