Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Letters From the Past...

What do they contain?
~Professions of Love?
~War Stories?
or, maybe even a Proposal?
A part of me wants to know,
the other part feels guilt
in reading someone else's
personal thoughts and feelings.
Maybe one day
I'll get the courage.
For now,
I'll enjoy their bound beauty.
Thank you Kate, for sharing a piece
of your family's history.
{No projects for these}
Your letters have prompted me to
start writing Love Letters to my
Husband and Children...
Old fashioned, pen and paper, letters.
xo, Amber


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Lovely post! There's nothing like a letter to treasure forever.

Kate said...

That is so touching what you wrote. What a lovely post with such beautiful images of the letters. I know you will treasure them!


Katherines Corner said...

treasures! Hugs

Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

Beautiful post... My husband and son many years ago went into an old abandoned house in Illinois... I might post about those letters one day.. Hugs, Cindy

cestMoi Sandy said...

I can't believe you have not read the letters! I would not have been able to not do it...
It sure is a beautiful little stack...

I have been writing letters from time to time to the hubby.
It is fun especially when you later read them again.