Thursday, April 26, 2012

Raindrops on Roses

The last couple of days have been strangely hot here.
Not ready for summer weather, in the least!
Yesterday we were expecting rain, to which it sprinkled off and on...
Evening time: WIND!
It finally blew in and it rained!
Our yard looks fabulous after Mother Nature sprinkles her love around.
Sprinklers just do not compare to a pure, even rain.

I awoke this morning around 6, to a beautifully cloudy morning.
It was drizzling and I remembered what I learned in
Photo 101:
Cloudy weather is the perfect lighting element for
beautiful pictures.

My PJ's, my Canon and my flipflops.

I love the freshness of rainy days.
It's so cleansing.

I love that the aphids get demolished so I
don't have to do it.

I love the vividness of freshly washed foliage.

I hope Mother Nature visits more often.

~Have a beautiful day~

xo, Amber


Kay Ellen said...

Lovely Amber:)

I agree, I love the rain and the garden thrives this time of year.

Hoping my sweet peas will bloom soon!

Kay Ellen

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Wow, these are stunning! You have such an eye for photography, youve captured such beautiful simplicity and I love it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Love the rain!

Kate said...

Hi Amber
I just read your feature in Romantic Homes June what a beautiful article. Love your work and the amazing photography. Have a wonderful weekend

Warm Regards
Kate @ Salvage Dior

cestMoi Sandy said...

Hello Amber!
What great photo's! I love the one with the roses all the way on top.
I am vividly looking for rain boots.
In my head I have a photoshoot of rainboots kneehigh skirt and RAIN.
We are having a lot of overcast here lately.
I love it.
Slighty overwhelmed with the Marketplace coming up and still trying to relax this overcast weather is making me chill.
Love it.

See you SOON. and looking forward to it.