Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Treasures

Tell me to put on grubbies
and boots and I'm there!
I went treasure hunting yesterday, in the dirt,
and came home with just a "few" pieces.
I'm becoming a bit concerned though...
I pick things that I love, knowing they need to
be for Black Rooster Cottage (the boutique),
but I find that I question whether they leave the
threshold of our home.
But then...
I've been known to "shop" the house and pick things
of Vintage age, that I've fallen out of love with, to
take to Black Rooster Cottage.
The beautiful thing about that is,
those items have found new loves and new homes.
I guess that's not such a bad problem to have, huh?

Now for the *Keepers*...

"New" chairs for the formal dining room ($5 each!!!!)
I got a full set of 6. Nothing wood glue, paint, stain
and new cushions can't fix!
{These will be a future post, for sure!}


A heavy solid wood door with the original key hole
still intact. The narrow-ness and chippy
paint caught my eye. Unfortunately,
most of the paint is chipping badly
so I'll have to strip it.
I was thinking a
long table for the wall beneath
the staircase,
Unbelievably, it is the EXACT
size of our pantry door
SOOOO... I will paint, rough sand
and stain the frame of it
then chalkboard paint the center.
I already have a crystal knob
 set I've been hoarding
so she'll go on there too.
The original pantry door will go
in the the storage cubby
till we move so we can put it back.
{Yes, this will be another blog post. ;) }

I have caught a breath of fresh air this weekend.
I was very hesitant to make this transitional house
our "home" but the Mr. and I have made a
plan that we are so very happy with
 and will work towards our new found goal.
This means... I'll be painting a little and re-doing
some of our own furniture pieces.
I'll share some more next visit.
Till then, I wish you a peaceful week...
xo, Amber


Rita said...

I love it all!!!
Great finds Amber. Ciao

NanaDiana said...

You found some really great things, Amber. It will be fun to see it cleaned up and displayed. The chairs were a real bonus!

I am glad you are going to do a few things to make your place "home"-even if it is temporary- xo Diana

cestMoi Sandy said...

Hey Amber!
Gosh am I drooling here!
All that silver! Wow... you scored and that door!

I know what you mean with you buy what you like for the booth/boutique and sometimes it becomes so hard to let it go... Will it really go?

My Mr. B. loves to call that "flow"
He always reminds me how he loves it the most when things flow.
Just bought a gorgeous picture frame... I do not know if it will flow. (lol) It is black with a gold molding and such. It is old and I got it for only $8.00

I am in love...

Can't wait to see what you do with that door.