Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On Our Way!

Ahh! I returned home on Sunday from
my four day trip to our new home.
I missed my family horribly
but it was nice to have the alone
time to work on the house.
The house has sat empty for about two 
years so there were quite a few 
daddy long legs to 
Mr. Jim had cleaned up
most of the ladybug remains
prior to my arrival so
I just had to get the leftovers out
of the nooks and crannies.
The house is now clean and ready
for our family next month!

Between cleaning and visiting
new neighbors and new friends
and being taken on little jaunts to 
some beautiful countryside,
I had no time to snap
photos of our neighborhood!

The night I got there {it was barely light}, 
I drove down
our street before I made it to 
Miss. Joyce and Mr. Allen's home.
{That was a treat in itself! 
Their house was built in 
I rolled the window down 
and crept along so I could 
take it all in.
I'm still in awe that we 
will live among all that history.

To know that the first shot
of the Civil War was called 
from our town, WOW!
Mr. Branch's home is still standing 
and he is buried in the cemetery 
not far from our home.
Mr. Jim said we could learn so
much by just taking the time
to walk through the cemetery 
and reading headstones.
We will absolutely do that!

For now, I will be taking a break
from this little blog-o-mine.
I'll be back just before we head out and will
absolutely take you on our adventure!

See you soon!

xo, Amber

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cestMoi Sandy said...

Oh, my dear Friend and Sister,
This is all so bittersweet.
Even though we did not really "meet" that often in real life... I feel i have known you forever!
And now... well... Thank God for the internet.
And... I am truly happy that everything is going so smooth for ya'all.
I mean, being able to go just to clean up the place. That sure comes from Him. He knows what we need.

Well, my dear friend.
I can't wait to see this amazing house and neighborhood that you will be moving into soon.

Hugs Blessings and Love

cestMoi Sandy said...

And this time I made sure I subscribed!
I do not want to miss a thing!
It is not like we can just bump into each other again at Costco!

Love yah!
Don't be a stranger okay? Inbetween chatting and tea and getting to know the neighbors come over and visit at my and of the blog!


Mom E. said...

So exciting, AMber!
I can't wait to hear about your adventures!! what a lovely cemetary to peruse!
hugs and hearts to you girl!

White Ironstone Cottage said...

Hi Amber
So excited for you and your family
Life really is a daring adventure or nothing at all
can't wait to see pic's of your new HOME

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Wishing you the Very Best Amber ! I can only imagine how exciting and thrilling this new adventure in life will be for you and your family. It's like starting new and fresh a clean slate and with so many new adventures sitting upon your door step.

Blessings ..Sara and Abbey