Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Part 4: Our Home {Sweet Home Alabama}

...Try and look at the bright side.
Roll eyes at the umpteenth,
"It only means something else better
will come along".


To Be Continued...

...And guess what?
It did.

We are moving in June!

The house that found us:

It's not an old Historic Home
but she sits smack dab
in the middle of
a beautiful neighborhood
filled with the Vintage charm
of days gone by.

She is surrounded by 
big Southern mansions 
and quaint little cottages and
behind her is a thick wooded forest
of which three acres belongs to us.

We have an amazing Realtor
who is now a friend and 
 she found us our dream home.

Where some see work, 
we see a clean slate.

The bones of this house are
perfect for the changes we want do,
to make it HOME.

You know that list of "must-haves"
you make when you are house hunting?
Check, check, check.
Yep, they're all there
all the way down the basement.

We see beyond the bland
gray/blue exterior
and overgrown yard.

I see a beautiful garden with trellises,
roses, lavender, lambs ear and
a sweet little place to sit and enjoy it.

Our home will have a  new paint color 
and stone added to the facade 
for true Cottage charm.

**HOUZZ is a great place for inspiration!

Bathrooms and Kitchen will get overhauls,
walls will be moved, removed
and added and our little house
will become home.

Sounds like a lot of work but
it's something we LOVE to do
{living in a rental has been pure 
torture! Haha!}.

Our new great room is gorgeous!
A vaulted  wood ceiling (and walls)
is our starting point for creating
a quaint, rustic, traditional 
Country Cottage
which fits our style to a T.

The bedrooms are tongue and groove wood walls that will
either be left as is, painted or covered.

We will live with them as is, then decide.
{the first thing that pops in my head is a white wash
with the wood grain showing through. We'll see.}

All of the living area is on the first floor,
which we so wanted.

The loft upstairs will become the
boys "lodge" once we put a
wall up and expand the existing bathroom.

Plus, there will still be room for a little reading loft!

Our daughter will have her own room and private bath 
which to a teen, is very important, you know!

This room under the loft will become our office.
Doorway will be widened and French doors added.

We can't wait to get started!

I will be flying out in a couple of weeks to 
get her ready for us,
you know, cleaning and stuff.
Of course while I'm there, I'll be
sighting the yard of where our little
guest cottage will go.

I can't wait to start shopping
in Montgomery at Rescued Relics so we can incorporate some
vintage elements to give it that "it's been here a while" feel.
And you best believe that
our cute little guest cottage will be nothing but and full of
charm, charm, charm.

This will definitely be the move of a lifetime.
One we have only dreamed about.
And living in the heart of the Historic South?
Something we are excited about and proud of.

Wait till I tell you about how we knew we made the right choice.

It all started with one little bug.

xo, Amber


Susie said...

Amber, I love the new house. It has so much charm already. Plenty of room to roam also. I wish you the best in achieving your goals.xoxo,Susie

Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

"She" is beautiful, as is, and I know that when your finished with her, "she" will be even more beautiful! Wish you could come by here and stay one night when you fly out :}

Laural Lane said...

Amber, let me know when you get my guest cottage ready. I'm sure there are plenty of quilt shows I can attend while relaxing amongst your southern hospitality. We are going to really miss you.

Jeannine said...


Tina C said...

It's wonderful! I'm so glad the house found you. What a charmer it is.