Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Whirlwind

We are still plugging away at finishing the left side of the house.
It's easy to get discouraged because it isn't done
but then I have to remember that LIFE lives here and there
are kids and schedules and school starting on Monday
and other little things that need tending to.
When I take a step back, I do realize that with the hands that
are working, we have accomplished A LOT.

I am not going to continue the progress of the current 
project until we are done. It's pretty darn close
and I cannot wait to clear the dust, mop the floors 
and walk barefoot in our house!

Then (and only then) will the remainder of the boxes be opened
so I can begin filling the house with the lovely things
we have been collecting. 

Aside from the kitchen/dining/laundry rooms, 
I've been planning the attack 
on our bedroom.

It is on the East side of the house but with only two light 
sources (North and South facing), it is DARK.

Well, except for the lovely fluorescent lighting facing up on a dust
catching ledge.

It's all gonna be re-done. This ceiling is so uneven. We will keep
the vault but "add more screws" to make it actually snug up
to the framing. So nuts.
That little niche up there... BYE, BYE!

What I really want is windows! Mama wants windows!

Easy-Peasy, it's only 6 inch wood walls that we (husband) has
to cut through.

It's down the road so I have time to work on him.

Then I need to decide on whether to paint
 the whitewashed wood or keep as is.
 One bugging dilemma....

There's a few places where we have this issue.
Some places on the wall where something was
 mounted and painted around kinda makes me crazy.

What are your thoughts?

See ya soon!

xo, Amber


Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

Ok, now you asked! I would paint the hubby if he would stand still long enough. So I say....paint, paint, paint!!

Mom E. said...

it is looking so nice! I can't wait to see what else you do with it! I have been working on rooms at my house.....WORK!! I finally am at the decorating stage in one room and it is such fun! and feels so easy to do!