Saturday, July 27, 2013

All Work and No Play...

Well, we have been working on the house non-stop because 
once Mr. BRC starts working outside the house, 
it's gonna go slow(er). 

But, we have taken some time (meaning hours) off
here and there to get out and explore and to 
get together with our new peers.

This week we went into Montgomery looking
for cabinets. 

We revisited Rescued Relics  in 
hopes of finding some Vintage
pieces that we could incorporate
into our new home.
We didn't find cabinets but we did find 

I think with our Eclectic style,
any of these awesome pieces would fit like
a charm in our little humble home. 

After RR,
we hit the local Habitat Re-Store
and found some tile
that will work perfectly
for the kitchen entrance, 
laundry room and walk in pantry
(all three rooms are connected).
It looks like a smooth slate, almost black,
but it's a porcelain. The texture
and easy care will be perfect for that area.
Can't wait to pick some up and get going on that!
(photo to come!)

Here's where we are on the kitchen:

New drop ceiling is in
and I have become the resident drywaller.
Who knew making these ...

would give me skills to do this...

I got to tape and mud the seams and screw holes.
Texture is next!

We're further along now but I'll show those pictures later.
Bruce installed some new lights, a chandelier and lots
 of hidden outlets for a well working kitchen. 

The little nook will house a cute cafe table and two chairs
(once I find the right set).
Can't wait to have my morning
coffee there and watch nature!

After we finish "finishing" the
 original carpenter's work,
(umm, like re-taping ALL the seams and adding screws to 
the ceiling and remainder walls throughout the house),

where are the drywall screws?!

we'll be texturing.
That will be the icing on the cake!
(get it?)

Then I get to paint!!!

Actually, I just can't wait till 
our floor doesn't look like this anymore:

Soon enough... soon enough.

See ya soon!

xo, Amber


Susie said...

Amber, My prayers are with you and your husband get through this. It's a heck of a job to tackle, but you both will feel the great satifaction of having done it yourselves. It's well be a home when it's completed. xoxo,Susie

Suzan Sweatman said...

How thrilling - I know it's a lot of work but how thrilling the whole process is!!!
I could never work on drywall - NEVER!!!
I'm more impressed than I can tell you :)

Beth said...

Ah!! Tell your husband I MISS HIS FACE!!! Also - I'm reminded that I sliced off the tip of my left thumb (literally) slicing a bagel with a new Cutco knife the day before my son graduated from high school - it will grow back - just keep,on working!!

Also - all this work you're doing makes me more and more want to tear into that old farmhouse in Ohio and give it a facelift ...hoping that day comes soon!!!!


Sharon Hughes said...

Wow, how exciting! I wish I was there with you...missing you girly! Still cant believe youre gone :)

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Wow how exciting! I wish I was there with you. I still cant believe youre gone, missing you girly :)