Monday, January 23, 2012

Fluttering Hearts

Sunday was Flea Market day at Whimzy in Olde Town Tustin.
Kerri, Rita and I went shopping!
I didn't photograph my purchases but I did take pictures!

This is show, then tell....

First, I love this picture!
I can envision a day long ago where someone in an old Oldsmobile would pull up and buy some ice for their "ice box" back at the house. Just soo cool that it's still there. I think it still works.

Now, Begin...

Whimzy is the host to the twice yearly event in Santa Ana called
I have had the honor of being a Vendor and let me tell you, it's INCREDIBLE!
You must make a trip sometime! Their next show is in March, so google
GLITTERFEST and check it out!

~Lunch Break~

After Tustin, we hit the Cirle in Old Orange.

My heart flutters everytime I see this...
(remember show, then tell)

Rita, Debbie (this is her space with Kate) & Kerri

Me, Debbie & Kerrie
This amazing room is inside Country Roads Antiques.
They have the most amazing selection of things.
Often times (always), my ooh and ahh list greatly exceeds my checkbook balance.
(maybe I need a sugar daddy. No, that's gross.)

Debbie (Blossoms Vintage Chic) shares this room with Kate of Salvage Dior.
I haven't had the honor of meeting Kate yet, but Debbie is a Vendor at The Vintage Marketplace, too.
These girls together, in the same room... AMAZING!
I always tell Debbie I want to live in her space, where ever it is!

You must visit their blogs:
 You will love them!

I hope you enjoyed the shopping trip.
Got some stuff to make other stuff!
Can't wait to start!
Today = rain = planning
Rest of the week = sunny and warm = painting furniture

See you soon!
xo, Amber


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

What a fun girl's day out! Cant wait to see your treasures.

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

I want to go here. I see sooooo many things that I want!!!!

Rita said...

Loved our day out! Thank you for sharing your photos with us. Ciao