Friday, January 20, 2012

True Love...

Meet my friend, Mr. Gregarious
~Gambler, to those that know him.

Such a handsome man.

Dignified. Strong. Gallant.
So Very Strong Willed.
Yet, a Beautiful Soul.

I wasn't looking for him, he just came into my life at precisely
the right time.
I swore I would never be in the company of another
Gray-haired man
(I was done with white horses and dirt!).

But, as fate would have it, there he was.
It was just meant to be.

My favorite times were getting to the Ranch super early in the morning, letting him nibble some hay, then ride out, by ourselves.
When we moved to the country, he came with.
Every morning,
I'd stand on the tub and look down at the barn. He'd be there looking up with pricked ears waiting to
 hear the front door open.
He'd always nicker.
As soon as I started down the hill, he'd mosey inside to wait for his hay and senior feed.

I miss the smell of the barn.

I miss the sound of the horses eating.

I miss cleaning poop.

I miss my Gambler.
The bond we shared is one that I have never felt with man or beast.
He was perfect (Sorry Honey).
He listened.
Never offering me advice,
 but always, always offered a warm neck to hug, a long mane to keep my hands warm,
a mischievous and sometimes hard nip and
 the biggest brown eyes that said,
"It'll be alright. I love you, my darling".
(Okay, maybe not THAT, but a girl can pretend!)

I didn't have Gam in my life for long enough,
 but I felt he was in my life forever.

There will never be another. Maybe someday close.
It's been three and a half years but I still think of him often.

I love hearing the boys say his name,

Anyway, this post comes from seeing an amazing video my friend, Lisa Loria, shared on facebook about the bond between man and Equine.
Click here to be mesmerized:
She recently lost a beloved pet and it made me think of Gam.
So, I dedicate this to all of you that
have had a "Gambler"...Equine or not.

Big Hugs and a Cheek Kiss,

p.s. My Gam and my Man happen to share the same birthday.
I guess that makes him a keeper. ;)
Love you, B!


sandra said...

What a sweet post, I love your pictures with your GAMBLER!!! Hold on to the memories Amber :))

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

What a beautiful horse! I love the picture of you lying across his neck hugging him, absolutely gorgeous!Its funny what a photograph can capture but that ones captures you to your soul.

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

Yes a lovely post.x

Rita said...

I miss my Gambler too!! and anytime someone looses a pet makes me go back in my Bennie.
Beautiful post Amber. Ciao

Recycled Rita said...

He is beautiful Amber! I think sooner than you think, you will be on a ranch in Idaho with a new "love" (the furry, neighing kind!)
hugs! karen....

blossoms vintage chic said...

Sweet Amber, I'm trying this again and I hope it works! It was so nice to see you girls today...just what I needed...(HUGS!)
Can't wait for TVM and again, thank you for sharing this beautiful post.