Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Little Roo Went To The Market...

Preparing for The Vintage Marketplace...

handmade faux cupcakes and pastries

vintage medallions and cherub switch covers (I painted one white and distressed it-CUTE!)

Cow print with rustic, handmade frame (also available in creme and distressed black)

Madame/Monsieur pillows plus many, many more!

vintage marble cheese stands

vintage silver

more vintage silver

candelabras and chandy's

Lots of handmade goodies

puppy beds (new design with headboard and footboard coming!)

Monogram pillows and family of ___ (by order)

Yummy silver and pewter

wonderfully worn silverware

Watch out, I'm playing with Chicken Wire!

Burlap Purses, both handbags and shoulder bags

New garden art

Plus, sooo much more!

Looking forward to a fabulous Traveling Boutique at
The Vintage Marketplace!

I hope to see you there!

xo, Amber

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