Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flowering Love

I can't believe how our garden has filled in over the past
eighteen months.
The backyard was nothing but neglected sod.
Not one single living, flowering thing.
Not one.
No shade trees,
no fruit trees,
no roses,
The previous tenants lived
here for 5 years with just that
shoddy sod.
Being the Country Girl I am,
I believe in leaving things in better shape
than when I got them.
We built the arbor and garden area,
which will remain went we leave.

... and, we added alot of landscaping.
Even though it's not "our house",
it is our home until we  move
into "OUR home".

I have to keep my hands in my pockets at times
because I want to keep planting, but
I know it won't be long till it's time to pack,
so I restrain myself.
And that is so hard to do!
All of the plants will remain here
other than my potted plants
and one English Rose.
Hopefully the owners and next tenants
will appreciate our
Labor of Love.
xo, Amber


Susie said...

It's good to leave a garden where ever we've been. If I move to town from here...I will take a start from the lilac bush . I got it from my mom's old place in town. I never dreamt when I was a child how many trees I would plant in this world. Smiles, Susie

chateau de fleurs said...

it looks so pretty, I'm jealous, mine withered away in the heat! ;( anyways, hope you are having a great weekend, XO Christie