Friday, September 14, 2012

Vintage Living

Ah, the warm weather....
We long for it when it's cold,
and curse it when it's blazing.
I'm a sorta "Fall" girl but I have to
trudge through the sweaty heat to get there.
One thing I do love about it,
hanging laundry!
Being the *green* {old fashioned} girl I am,
I try to refrain from running lots of appliances
during the day and all at once.
So, if the AC is on,
the clothes go out on the line.
{even if it's against HOA rules... phooey!}
I don't hang chonies.
Only jeans and linens.
But my favorite part about it is,
my beloved
Vintage clothing cart!
I'm sure the structure is Vintage but
the liner is new.
I purchased her from
a couple of years ago
and would never dream of
parting with her!
I just have to keep her hidden because the boys
have this constant urge to try and climb
in and push each other around.
At 40+ pounds...
that ain't gonna happen!
Happy Weekend!
xo, Amber
p.s. I am so honored to be one of several beautiful blogs
featured on
new website!!
Thank you RH for making a small girl feel so big!

1 comment:

Susie said...

Amber, I would love a clothes line. But my neighbors burn trash at any I will never have a line out here. Yes they burn when they have laundry on their line.PU I would not want my sheets to smell like their trash. I love your old cart, it made me think of my MIL. She had one,bless her heart.Smiles, Susie