Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Leap

There's a private lake outside of town that we like
to take the kids to.
It's in a gated community so we have to sneak in.
We really like it there and have decided
that once there are enough nuts squirreled away,
a house there will become home for us.
This last time that we headed up the highway,
a couple of things surprised us
and it was the coolest ever...
There was a horse rearing on a hilltop that took me (all of us)
by surprise.
Then we passed this... (I've posted this before)

Then, this....
We had to turn around because on the way out,
I didn't expect this!
The camera was not expecting it either!
Out in Wine Country, there's a ranch
that has a horse and rider jumping
the huge bush into the property.
I am not kidding when I say this thing is like 12 feet tall,
if not taller!
It makes me smile every single time I pass it.
The artist has a gallery at another lake closer to town.
His work is beautiful.
It is so detailed, which is mind boggling since
it's all iron and metal.
I laid the law down with the Mr. ...
When we have our home
(The real Black Rooster Cottage),
guess what I'm having made?
Cockle Doodle Dooooooo!!
See ya soon...
xo, Amber


Rita said...

This is beautiful Amber! Thank you for sharing. A cockle doodle dooooo would be so cool! Ciao

cestMoi Sandy said...

Oh Amber that is so funny!
Every once in a while we suddenly notice that the artist has added another statue out here in the hills (mountains).
We all love it too!

Next time when you take the trip up... come over and visit! (That is an invite)

Was good seeing you again!



NanaDiana said...

That is amazing. What wonderful pieces of art-xo Diana

Once A Cowgirl...Always A Cowgirl said...

I will have to ask my SIL if she has ever seen these! She lives in Big Bear but visits her in-laws in Temecula! I love em!

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

You have to share where this is I drive through wine country to come into Temecula and would live to drive by it !

So good to see you at the market ..see ya next week !

Hugs ..Sara