Friday, April 12, 2013

A Taste of the South

So, we took a little trip over yonder.

This was our first getaway without the kiddos,
since our honeymoon in 2007.

Dang, time flies!

And, at that time there was only one. 
Now... there are three.

Our last little vay-cay was to the 
Pacific Nor'West
(with the whole gang)
on a 14 hour car "adventure".
Lesson learned.

This time,
we headed to the deep South.
Sweet Home Alabama to be exact.

Just hubby and me.

What a beautiful place.

I'm sure in love!
He's sure in love!

...And if it weren't for the kids being at home,
we would have probably stayed.
{Thanks Sissy, for holding down the fort!
The kids loved being with their  Auntie and cousin!}

We flew into Birmingham
and headed straight to Montgomery.

A little snippet of what we enjoyed....

I'm a sucker for History, 
Old Southern Mansions 
and sweet Southern Charm.

I promise, there is no 
shortage of any of that in Alabama!

And let me tell you about the AMAZING salvage
stores there! 


And, boy, some of the nicest people we have ever met,
where everybody is your friend.

Love, love, LOVE.

*Don't put your hands in your pockets because
you are constantly waving! :)

Love, love, LOOOOVE!

This cute little house is for sale for $12,900!
Standing in front of it, it kinda
sags to the left. Big foundation issues-darn!

And of course the South is known for...

My next post will be about a dreamy little town 
in the country, Country.

See ya then.

xo, Amber


NanaDiana said...

My bags are packed and ready to go...waiting there outside my door-----Sweet!!!! xo Diana

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Your trip looks like it was absolutely wonderful ! It's a different world when you leave CA.. We've always said Southern CA is a world all it's own. So glad you had a great time ..and hope your trip ended up being a fruitful one.

Blessings ..Sara

Recycled Rita said...

I can't wait! You guys are living my dream! hugs!karen...