Friday, April 19, 2013

Part 2: Southern CHARM

Okay, so I was totally in love 
with all things Southern  
before we went to Alabama.
The way of life,
the slower pace,
the hospitality,
the cost of living,
front porches,
the accent
and of course,
sweet tea.

I found Union Springs
after seeing a few homes for sale
a couple of years ago and 
just started researching the 
area and what the South
is all about.

The only real way to learn about it
is to GO. 
... and so we went on our

* *

Driving into town and 
stepping out of the car
only to see things I had 
previously seen in pictures,
I fell completely
head over heals,
BIG time.
So did he {husband}. 

Miss. Joyce had warned me
that we may not like it
because it was kinda 
stuck in the 50's.
My heart pitter-pattered.
{We liked that idea.}

We pulled up to 
The Josephine Hotel
which is now

The main floor of the three story hotel
houses the
Real Estate office,
an Art Gallery
and a Sandwich Shoppe - Ice Cream Parlor.

The upper two levels are awaiting renovation
to bring them back to their past splendor.
I wish I had taken pictures in there,
you can see and feel what it once was
and boy, was it grand.
The wood work is so beautiful
and well preserved.

Miss. Joyce has hopes of bringing
 it back to a working inn.
It would be fabulous!

Prairie Street

In the city center is a statue
of a Bird Dog because
has the the best and largest 
in the nation. 

I can tell you so much more but I'll end up 
writing a book so I'll 
fast forward to the houses.

Oh, the houses mansions.

Oh My Goodness...

This beautiful lady is getting a
complete overhaul so she can
continue to stand for many more
years to come. I think it's
great people are moving to town
and saving these homes.
Many are from Civil War times and
the history that fills them
is amazing. 

This particular home is said to be one of the
most spiritually inhabited. It sure is beautiful!

Union Springs is probably one of the most beautiful
places that I have ever been to and seen.

We were completely mesmerized by the 
charming homes, picture perfect neighborhoods
and the smell of wisteria, azaleas and the forest.

But nothing tops the hospitality of our new
friends in Union Springs.
Hopefully one day, we'll be able to call 
them neighbors.

Next post: The homestead that really stole our hearts.
Wait till you hear the story that comes with this home.
You'll fall in love too.

xo, Amber


NanaDiana said...

Oh-I hope your dreams come true, Amber, and that you are able to call that area home someday. It is a gorgeous town! xo Diana

Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

Ok, by "spiritually inhabited" you mean "haunted" right?? Oh girl, so much southern beauty here. Can't wait to see the other house. I meant to e mail you and forgot, but I am starting over in blogland with a new blog. Stop by when you get a chance.