Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Part 3: The One That Got Away

 Here she is in all her Historic Glory.

This Gothic Revival has been in my heart since
I first laid eyes on her.

It was built in 1856
by  Civil War Captain,
Mr. Kennon.
{Crazy, huh?!}

Another iconic family lived here as well.
The Paulks.

Doesn't ring a bell, does it?

How about Mrs. Bonnie Paulk?


Okay, how about
Bonnie Plants?

Yep, it all started here
with 10 pounds of cabbage seed.
Of course, back then, this homestead was
on 209 acres. 
It now sits on a mere 3+ acres.

Still, I am in love 
with its story.

Could you imagine living in this house?
It was very serene walking through the doors.

It is a calm home. Maybe it could feel our
energy and said, "NO WAY! They have crazy kids!"
Hey, you never know! 

Come on, I'll show you around then tell you what happened...
{click on the photos to enlarge}

Entry hall
Vintage wallpaper in the entry hall

The"sitting"room (would've been our dining room)

One of the bedrooms. This one was finished and
would have been Petunia's room.

This would have been the boys room.

This would have been the master bedroom

Master bath


Kitchen back door with a slammin' screen! So loved that!

Formal living room with formal dining through the doorway.
Formal living would have been dining and sitting room for guests
and the other room would have been our family room.

A large concrete pad perfect for a BIG barn!

Gates to the woods. 

This is actually on the neighbors property but in view from the
kitchen window. I'm certain this once belonged to the old homestead.
I was going to ask to buy it from them. Love, LOVE.

We would have renovated this into a guest house for our B & B.

Cottage number 2. Another guest house.

Gorgeous brick patio behind the house.

The grand front porch.  The Azaleas were so beautiful!

On the front porch.

A view from the front porch. This Victorian is across the street
and is a 2nd home to the owner. 

So, we looked at it again after our first visit.
Husband loved the wooded acreage on the back side
of the property and was already planning out
the kids  tree forts, zip lines and beautiful
hidden gardens for our guests that would 
be staying at our
Bed and Breakfast
{which is what we had intentions for}.

We even got to meet our new neighbor,
Miss. Martha!

Talk, talk, talk.
Fly home.
Phone calls and email to Realtor.
Email offer.
First Yes {Bank President}.
President presents to Board
{not sure if it even got that far}.
Cash offer comes in.
We got the B.U.M.P.

Sigh some more.

Try and look at the bright side.
Roll eyes at the umpteenth,
"It only means something else better
will come along".


To Be Continued.

xo, Amber


Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Patience , Perseverance, Trust, Hope and Faith, The Lords Path is always the best Path and He promises to give us the desire of heart .. He Must have an absolutely wonderful Home on the Horizon for you .. It will come ..

Loved the house ..what amazing stories and history this house had .. imagine what's to come ..

Blessings ..Sara

Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

I know it is easy for me to say because I am not the one going thru it, but when one door slams, another one opens. Don't forget that, my southern friend. Remember my suggestion in the e mail.........

Connie said...

Good morning Amber, It is always sad when a dream bubble bursts, but like you said something better will come along.
Stay happy and have a lovely day.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)