Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fate vs. Desire

Sounds Romantic, doesn't it?
If only life could be so accommodating to our desires, all the time.

I just have to trust in Fate (this time).

Our "dream" house... SOLD to someone else but that's okay.
I looked it up this morning and the taxes were OMG! Phew!

Where am I going with this?

As Fate has it, the job potential in Boise is a no-go for my Man (bummer).
I am a bit sad, but,
there must be a reason why.

"Everything always happens (or doesn't) for a reason", right?

So, instead of wishing and dreaming about my
idyllic life that I would like to have, I am going to
 Bloom Where I'm Planted.
Thank you, Mary Engelbreit, for coining that phrase.

I am going to make it happen, right here, where we are, right now!


My very accommodating raised beds vs. an acre parcel of plowing and daily weeding
My 3 or 4 hens vs. two separate coops. One for layers and one for fryers
(yes, we will be having some babies soon!)
My future black HEN vs. my black Rooster (sigh)
Taking the kids on pony rides vs. the cost of owning and upkeep
(that ones a toughie, I love the smell of horses)
Planting English Roses in Pots vs. Sticking them in the ground
Revamping the home to a Cottage feel vs. Waiting till we live in a Cottage
(that'll be a fun one to blog about)

I could go on, but I think you get the idea.
My business is flourishing,
and although I am usually restricted with my "alone" time to work,
I manage just fine... especially when there's a deadline (thanks to coffee)!

HM. I don't think I'm sad anymore.

I have set some goals and I am achieving them.
That's the most important thing.
The website is up (well, my generic one for the time being), and though it's not full of my wares as of yet, I am working on it. :)

I guess my reasoning for this post is to say, out loud, more so for myself, but if it applies to you, yay!, that I am happy for what I have, in the now.
I still have the dream (desire) to have our Cottage on acreage, by a lake,
and I know we will one day have that.

Today though, we are exactly where we are meant to be.

So, come see me here in a few weeks!

XO, Amber

available on the website!


Rita said...

Love the new sign with Burlap!
Amber You will be blooming right here with us in California my friend.
One of these days will have a trailer and will go back to Boise and shop!!!! Ciao Rita

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Oh my sweet, sweet friend I know this is bittersweet but you have a wonderful outlook on the situation. Your dreams will come true so dont give them up, just put them on hold for now. You have so much to offer and Im sure there is a wonderful, exciting plan getting ready to unfold for you. It will be amazing and everything will be even better than you could imagine.

sandra said...

Amber, what a sweet bittersweet post, but you have such an amazing, cheery outlook on life and it is so inspiring. I love your new website, it ROCKS!!! Looking forward to seeing how it BLOOMS :))

blossoms vintage chic said...

Hi Amber,
Such a beautiful post...I think you are right and things do happen for a reason. The time may not be right for now...but I'm sure your dreams will come true!! For now I love that you are "Blooming" where you are planted. Looking forward to seeing you and all your beautiful work at TVM!
Wishes for a great weekend!

Jenelle-Van de Mortel Designs said...

Hey Country Girl!
Love your blog! If that house sold to someone else, God has a home waiting for you that is even more perfect! My experience is that God's plans are always so much bigger and better than anything I ever dreamed of.
We just need to keep doing the footwork. In the "now".
Doing the next indicated step. You inspire me!


Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Oh Amber, I know you must be feeling so many different emotions right now. Sometimes it's difficult to transition from our dreams and desires to our reality and actual circumstances. It really sounds like you are doing a great job, you're doing more than just rolling with it. You're truly accepting it all and doing more than "making the best of it.". I love the ME saying, Bloom Where You're Planted. I looked up the definition of Bloom - To shine; glow. To grow or flourish with youth and vigor. You are on it girl!


Recycled Rita said...

I love your attitude sweet Amber! You are right! Bloom where you are planted. I came to that realization when my parents became ill and needed us...we had plans of moving to a more "country" area...either up in northern calif. or oregon but we stayed for a reason. And now I am working on opening a space at Country Roads...a dream of mine to have a vintage business.
I'm hoping to come visit you at VMP but in case I don't, big hugs from me....karen....