Friday, February 24, 2012

A New Dining Experience, and then some...

The furniture painting is done!
Is it perfect?
No, not by a professionals standards.
Is it perfect to us?

I really, really love the difference it has made.

 Hubbs is picking up the table glass today (yay!).

You can see some before pictures in the previous post.

I just like this picture.

Smart thinking: Chippy paint is idyllic with boys!
You can't tell if it's damaged or supposed to be that way!

It really, really brightened the room

Love the worn look

I used the same fabric as before, they're just cleaner now. :)

I so love this fabric. I saw it on a bench in a magazine a long time ago
and contacted the writer of the story so I could get it... Calico Corners!

This end table was a bleached wood in it's previous life.
It went with NOTHING in our house but my Hubbs was attached to it for some reason.

Wall of babes. We salvaged the archy piece from an old headboard that was trashed.
I did the same treatment to it as everything else.
I am now on the hunt for Vintage, Ornate, chunky frames to change out the current ones.
(I won't paint them black or white though... well...)

Super fast pillow makeover: Used my existing pillows and just sewed right over them.
I still need to add trim-I was in a hurry, we were having company.

Coffee table. Still debating on painting the top.
 It does match the cabinet that hides the TV and speakers, though.
Any thoughts??
Oh, on the left side of the table where it's brown in the crease... color crayon.
My sweet Trey says to me, "Look what I did for you Mommy!"
Gotta get Mr. Clean magic eraser. I just thank God it wasn't magenta. :)

Super dark picture, sorry. I have to take some tonight.
I replaced the black gingham and made a valance for the
sliding back door.  

I am very happy with the progression. It makes me happier that the Man of the House likes it as well. Hey, I'm saving us time... pre-decorating for our next home!

What's even better is that it was CHEAP!

~ Gallon of flat paint: $5 (we got connections)
~ Sandpaper: free (we had already)
~ Glaze: free (I had a couple of bottles leftover from
 a job I did back in my Home Staging days)
~ Fabric on dining chairs: re-used, just washed
~ Toile fabric for valances and pillows: FREE!
 My sweet friend Missy gave me yards and yards of it.
 Thank you honey!
~Burlap lamp shade: $9 at Walmart (!)
~Lamp shade embellishments: free, I had it already

A new look for the kitchen and family room: Priceless.

I hope this gives someone a boost in re-vamping what they already have.
Always remember: It's only paint! It can be changed if your piece doesn't turn out the way you envisioned it.
Most importantly (this is real advice especially for painting rooms), live with it for 48 hours before you really decide you hate it. When your brain is used to living with something for a long time, it's conditioned. It takes a couple of days for it to "re-align".

Okay, I'll stop now.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Don't forget, Southern California Girls...
The Vintage Marketplace is next weekend!!!

It is going to be FABULOUS!!

Hugs and Love,
~ Amber


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Its beautiful, great job!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Amber,
I too, love the time worn look, it's perfect.

My stats picked up your newsletter referring My Petite Maison. I want to thank you, so very kind of you.
Bonne Journée, Tracie