Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Patriotic Duty!

In keeping with my Namesake, I thought I'd share this with you because the words Urban Chicken seem to be used quite a bit these days.

 Towns and Cities have prohibited backyard Chicken keeping, for whatever reason.
Mine included, which is Temecula, CA.


I admit- we were, at one time, Outlaws.
Law breakers, to be honest.
We bootlegged chickens at our previous home.
We never got caught, thankfully.
I know if they came a-knocking,
it would have been because of a busy body neighbor.

In the poster below,
 Uncle Sam thought it was an American's
duty to have 2 hens (I say 3 or 4) in their backyard.

So, my question is, when did it become "illegal" to have backyard chickens?

Well, luckily, we moved into an area that is "unincorporated" so we are allowed to have them. I know there are others in our HOA governed tract that have them too.
I hear them in the morning giving their "laying cackle" (I miss that sound).
According to a friend that lives in the same development, someone has a Roo and the HOA can't do anything about it.
That's a little rude in my opinion.
 Especially when our houses are literally 10 feet apart.
Hens are no louder than the black crows that fly overhead and are waaaay quieter than the dogs that bark around here. Lets not talk about the sirens, traffic, noisy kids (oh wait, those are mine playing karate chop in the trampoline), etc.
In other words, LIFE is noisy.
Chickens are not stinky either unless you have a ranch with hundreds or are a poor chicken keeper and allow poop to pile up. I fertilized my entire garden (veggies and flowers) in the previous home with composted chicken givings. My yard was gorgeous.
Waste Not!
PLUS, they are the best garbage disposals! Leftover fruit and veggies, grass clippings, old bread and other little treats are better for them than the garbage can or septic system!
As many of you can attest, there is no greater taste than your OWN home grown eggs! And if you're lucky, you have an "Easter Egger" that lays such serene hues of colored eggs.

Here's that poster...

As a Patriotic Girl that loves her Country,
I am printing this and mailing it to our City Officials on a regular basis.

Maybe one day they'll get it.

As noted in my previous post, we're living in the Here and Now!
I cannot wait till Saturday!

To be continued....

Have a wonderful end of the week.
See ya here on Sunday! ;)

xo, Amber


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

You rock, challenge the status quo!

Laural Lane said...

Right on Sister! Two hens for every house, start the petition I'll sign it.

Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

I love it! You go and just be the Queen of your farm girlfriend!