Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kitchen Table Makeover

Our kitchen table was our dining table in our previous maison.
It matched the hutch I recently stripped of glass and 1990's sophistication and added chicken wire and painted black.

This one:

Our table... what can I say.
It was the ledge that we hung the boys high chairs from. You know, the kind that cantilever off the edge?
It was also the best drum set money didn't have to buy.
It was trashed!

It became one of those things that you were embarrassed about but forgot about because you just got used to living with it.
(I can only imagine what family and friends thought)

Well, I had enough.
I have gone to the other side.


As you know I have posted about the removal of all things red in the house.
I am slowly replacing things with more soothing colors.
Although, yesterday I was blog browsing and found a gorgeous French Country blog where she had lots of red! Hmmm...
Well, I'll keep the reds, just in the closet for any mind changing. :)

I am finishing up the chairs today and re-covering them. Same material as I had before, I just took it all off to wash because they were gross. Now my "Do Not Wash" fabric looks good as new!

I already re-vamped the coffee and end tables (they didn't match anyway, but they do now!) but I won't reveal those till I'm completely done with the whole room.

Here's what I did so far:
Primed and painted with paint my husband got for $5 a gallon at Sherwin Williams
(they were blowing out pure white so he bought ALOT because he could take whatever in and have it tinted-FREE). We tinted it Swiss Coffee.

I did a rough, sloppy paint job because I was going for the "many layers of farmhouse painting" technique.
Sanded down to the black to create the worn, chippy look.

Now, layering paint on thick creates some crazing in areas and stuff, which is perfect for my glaze. Plus it gives it the "Old Age" effect.
I like to use glaze over instead of stain because it is extremely user friendly.

K, enough talking. I will post again soon with the final, final results.

Wait till you see the table! I LOVE it!
We are going to have glass cut for the top so it'll stay nice.
I have to say, I am really happy with the results.
What makes it even better is that Husband likes it too. ALOT!

K, off to do more sanding, glazing and stapling!

XO, Amber


Rita said...

Amazing Amber! I love it very much. So much talent......keep sharing. Ciao Rita

Simply Stated said...

Looking Great!

Jenelle-Van de Mortel Designs said...

Beautiful! The transformation is amazing - thanks so much for posting the process--I'm inspired!


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Wow, Amber it turned out great. I love the instant gratification of paint! The hutch is beautiful and so you. Cody wrote "no" on my dining room table, someday I will fix it. Ahh those darn kids.