Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Just a.....


My last post was about preparing for Fall,
so in the meantime,
we have been.

My reliable wood-working-loving hubby
fashioned a smaller version of
a rustic dining table for
Black Rooster Cottage.

The next one will have turned legs and have
a little different paint treatment.

This particular one shall sit outside to weather a little
(it's hardwood so I don't know how that's gonna pan out).

Although this style isn't for everyone,
it is for me!
And, to be honest, I only sell things in my
Boutique that I love and would have in
our own home.

I love making something from nothing.

Not bad, huh?

I need a desk with a hutch...

xo, Amber


Sheila said...

Oh Amber! This is an awesome table...I have pallets just sitting in my backyard from our sod delivery. I just wish my husband wanted to make me one lol. I hope your week has been good so far,enjoy the rest of your day!!!


NanaDiana said...

Not bad? It is wonderful! What a great, great looking table!!! xo Diana

blossoms vintage chic said...

OMG!!! Amber...I love that table!!
Did you say pallets??? You are certainly a lucky girl! Can't wait to see the desk with a hutch!
So nice to get to see all of you on Sunday...Those boys are just beautiful and soooo sweet!! I think you should bring them with you to TVM!!
Have a beautiful week!

Burlap Luxe said...

Not bad at all Amber, in fact I love it so...I use to have quite a few pieces in black in my home and garden, but then stripped them down and when grey. When I see pieces like yours it gets me wishing I have left a couple of my pieces black!

I am sure it will flair well in the yard to weather, have you ever seen a flat lay out in a junk pile in a market field for years and it still is holding its own. Amber I think if it does age, crack, warp and peel more the better for the look, I know if it were mine I would hope it took on as much weather as possible!

Thank you for your visit and your beautiful comment.
Will see you soon and all you are inspiring for fall...I have been working on pieces for my shop space, and winter pieces for my post and esty .
See you soon.

Susie said...

Amber, who could believe the lowly little pallet can look so grand !! I love your new table. Smiles, Susie