Friday, March 8, 2013

Black Accessories

I can't tell you how many times
I go blog cruising and
find myself falling in love 
with other people's 
Light and Airy,
Wispy and Bright.
It's ALL so beautiful.

Then I start to question...
maybe I'm too dark.

Mmm... but, I do love my black.

And it is me
{and Black Rooster Cottage}.

Black can be classy.
Black can be distressed and worn
and still look spectacular.

I love that it could be a little
mysterious, too.

I found this typewriter at the 
Antique Mall for super cheap,
and since 
I've always wanted one
 to display
old family photos,
 it became a new 
member to the
Black Rooster Cottage family.

Writing this has made me 
remember what I always knew...

Stay true to yourself.
Use what you love
because only then 
does your house become
your home.

xo, Amber


NanaDiana said...

Amen- I hate it when people abandon what they know and love to jump on the "what's new and cool" bandwagon. You are right in staying with what you love...and I, personally, love a bit of black in a home- xo Diana

Jeannine said...

We love black at our house, also. It grounds the furnishings around it. It is sophisticated, plays nicely in vignettes, and is timeless. I loved the ending of your blog - use what you love to make a house a home. Jeannine

Anna Hanley said...

Hello Friend, Do not change a thing I love your décor. I love what I have and it's me. Blessings, Anna

Mom E. said...

Tahnks for that thought, Amber.
I have second guessed myself so much as trends have come and gone, but I am one who loves what I love for a long time. I knew I wanted a home with green in it LONG before green was trendy, and after the trend left, I still feel cozy in my has many other colors as well, with high ceilings and large windows and cream wall, so still very light. I have to replace my carpet, and if I could I would purchase the same carpet all over again...I am so sad it is not available...
hugs to you,

cestMoi Sandy said...

Even though for many of times I had wanted to paint everything completely white! But I never did it.
I think every home needs some black.

By the way... I have the same typewriter and... that puppy is heavy. I scored mine for around $15 bucks in the Netherlands... and I hauled it around from country to country from state to state etc.
Still... I have to find me the phone that you have I love that phone! Does it work?

See you soon!