Saturday, March 16, 2013

My dream last night...

Before I went to bed last night, 
I was online looking at 
Real Estate,
which is kinda my nightly ritual.

I have this thing about
remodeling every
house I look at.
You know,
"If this was my kitchen...
~Oooh, it would look amazing if...
~That wall needs to come out...
~I'd paint the exterior such and such color...
~Oh, English roses lining the walk ..."
and on and on.

This place popped up on the screen
when I clicked on 'Newest Listings'.

Are you in love or what?

It's a clean slate!

What's that mean {suspiciously}?

Be prepared, this usually scares
many a folk...

Uh, it's completely gutted
down to the wood lathe
and studs.

And I spy some hardwood under 
all that dust!

living room, dining in the middle and kitchen in back

Here's the kicker...

Cost: $9000

Shut the front door!!

YES, $9000

Now, having a  Contractor husband,
is kinda dangerous
because he's just as crazy as me.

We've had plenty of discussions about
what we will buy and the condition it's in.

We know this for sure:
it WILL be a fixer.

This qualifies, don't ya think?

I showed him the house and he
just looked at me.


It went on the list of
"Potential Properties".

Okay, so to my dream...

I'm not saying this house was in it
but I did dream about this dang kitchen
{I've shared it before because I LOVE it}

...probably because I look at the picture

My husband is not in love with the checked floor
like I am,
so we agreed that when the time comes,
it'll be wood like
{I ain't into tile!}
and I'll compromise with 
a checked or harlequin  area rug,
which I already have earmarked
in my favorites. 

{I'll do checked floor in the laundry room
since that is my room}

Obviously, there are things I'd do different,
but this kitchen has been 
such an inspiration 
for my bucket list.

Anyway, when the time does come
for us to buy and renovate,
you'll be along for the ride.

Just wait and see how we 
a dollar. 
We are cheapskates and 
with today's resources,
you can get alot of bang 
for your buck if you put
on your thinking cap!

I'll even figure out to do a video so 
we can show you some

I hope you have an inspirational weekend.

It's a big birthday weekend here
and there's some
Bluegrass calling my name.


NanaDiana said...

If that house was in a good area I would snap it up in a minute to redo it! Wow! What potential!!! We have done a lot of gut jobs over the years..and this one has the hard work already done.
Love your inspiration kitchen. MyHero does not like the black/white patterned floors either- Personally, I LOVE them-they are classic and timeless- xo Diana

Connie said...

I love it!
I thought that maybe I was alone, in this passion. I am always looking at real estate. Then I'll tell my husband, "do you have any idea what we could have in Michigan, Indiana or Ohio?" I'm always finding cabins on beautiful little lakes, or ten acre hobby farms. The problem is we don't live there and he does work there. I envy this new generation that can work from home on the computer, from any place in the world. That allows so much freedom. I also love to redecorate these homes, especially the small two bedroom cottages on tree lined trees. I even go as far as to sometimes look into the communities and the community events and life styles. It's all fun! Oh, my , you probably think I'm way off my rocker.
Have a fun day.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Mom E. said...

Happy Birthday Party,
Even if it wasn't yours, or is yours! such a fun house to think about....I am sure you will look closely at it with your fun....Dreams make for fun thoughts while do your chores!
Hearts to yo9u!

Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

LOVE the empty slate! You can do whatever you want! I know you guys will find and create the house of your dreams. Don't you love having a husband that can do that?! Hope you're having a great time. Can't wait to see what you find next. ;).