Monday, March 4, 2013

Mr. Mailman...

... Bring me some Spring...

Guess what happened over the weekend in
Sunny Southern California?
Temperatures in the 80's.

Warm enough for the 
Slip N Slide
and getting dirt under one's nails.

I'm sure it was a false warm up
but Armstrong's beckoned me.

So I went.

A few seedlings and some seeds later...

{my vintage mailbox houses my hand tools
 and fastening tape}

I can't wait till everything starts sprouting leaves.

{this arbor to the veggie garden will be
covered with grapes}

Although we won't be here to enjoy all the things I've
planted, I hope the next tenants will.



{sugar snap peas}

{pea blossom}


{taking pre-caution because I don't think we're done with frost}

{tomato. It's a TOMATO. Just making that clear
because it could resemble something else}

{I think they like their Parisian Print Burlap!}

I also set seeds for squash and cucumbers.
 A little early, I know, but they were left-over from 
last growing season so if they don't do anything,
 nothing lost. :)

{my little cherub under the olive tree}

{I always refresh the containers
with pretty posies}
{the roses are sprouting!}

{and my favorite tree that we planted near the patio
for the much needed afternoon shade: Chinese Elm}
In a month, I'll post an update 
on the garden and yard.
I marked the calendar so I
won't forget!

I hope Spring is headed your way if you
are still knee deep in snow.


Jenelle-Van de Mortel Designs said...

Your blog makes me smile! What wonderful pictures! I have vegetable boxes that Mike built waiting to be filled. It will be a few weekends before I can get to it.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden--what an inspiration!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- Lucky girl- You have warmth and the beginnings of Spring and I have more snow coming- xo Diana

cestMoi Sandy said...

Ha aha ha ah aha very funny Amber...
Here it is still cold... we had snow 2 weeks ago. YES,
and at the Marketplace we had to face 80+ temps! Yikes.

And now that I know where you were while we were sweating at tvm...
That is a gorgeously quaint garden you have there!
Too cute.
My rose has started to butt (did I spell that correct? yikes)
Oh well, you know what I mean.

Have a wonderful week!
I still hope to see you soon girl!