Saturday, March 31, 2012

From Chick to Hen

Here's my Mabel!

The girls are growing at such a rapid speed, I can hardly keep up!

I truly am amazed at how beautiful the Cochin breed is.
Compared to all of the other hens I've had,
the Cochin has been the sweetest,
 most docile breed we've raised.
Our girls love to be held and always come over for a chest scratch.

Our "Whites" are the creamiest cream.
Our "Buffs" are equivelent to a super soft chamois (in color).

Writing this reminds me of my girlfriend, Shannan, and her little Frizzle.
What is a Frizzle?
A super cute little Bantam (miniature) chicken whose feathers curl outward.
Google Frizzle, you'll crack up!
Anyway, this little hen used to peck at her back door, come into the house, jump up on the couch and lay her daily egg, then off she'd go!
Talk about service!
She was our chicken that we took to our Pony Party Petting Zoo, too.
Such the sweet little lady.
I'll have to call Shan tomorrow and ask what her name was
 because it's completely escaped me.
Tigger, her name was Tigger.
(I just texted her at 10:30pm because I couldn't wait)

I look forward to having the small acreage we are working towards to expand
the brood. I definately will add different breeds to the mix!
I still gotta have my Black Sumatra Rooster! :)

I've been having FUN with the camera.
I'll leave you with these night shots of the coop....

Until next time.
xo, Amber


Rita said...

Too cute Amber!

LizzieD said...

awww - they are so sweet & beautiful! I didn't know you could pick up & pet them! give them a
'pet" from our family!!

cestMoi Sandy said...

They are too cute! We will be picking up our chicks in a few weeks.
It is still pretty cold where we are at.

Have a great week Amber!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I think your chickens need crowns!

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

That is too funny about your friend's chick laying her egg on the couch. Hubby says our chicks aren't smart, sounds like this one was, lol.