Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Little Bit of Knowledge...

Yesterday, I took my very first Photography class at Crescendoh with Cynthia Shaffer.

I was kinda worried because, having our Rebel XT for a few years,
 I have never moved the settings to Manual.


K, I'm not saying I'm some great photographer but, hells bells,
 after taking this class, I feel like one compared to before!
I'm sure anyone with more camera time will look at these and say,
"OMG, she's insane".
 These are random shots of lots of different things, some of the same subject but just fiddling with the buttons and manipulating the camera.

I am in LOVE with photography!

I want to learn more.

I can't wait to play!

Sitting at my kitchen table and looking outside,
 I now look at things in a whole different light.
 At this exact moment, I'm looking at the cottonwood in the creek and the hawk up in it trying to break off big twigs for her nest.
Damn! I wish I had a zoom lens..... on the list for next purchase.

None of these have been touched up in Photoshop or anything else.
Fresh from camera to here, other than

Random, random, random...

From this moment on, my photos will tell a story (I hope).
I am excited about my new found Art!
Can't wait to share more with you!

XO, Amber


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Wonderful shots! Cant wait to see more.

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Oh Amber, I am sooo jealous. First-I want a Rebel, and second, I want to be able to take great pics!

blossoms vintage chic said...

Oh my goodness Amber!!!!!!!!
Your photos are simply beautiful!
I'm so happy for you and your new found "ART"...what a wonderful class. I would so love to be able to use my camera properly and be able to take incredible photos too.
I'll have to get the info on classes from you smart girls!
By the favorite is you watching the HAWK in the Cottonwood! Love the power that those beautiful feathers hold...
Keep snapping away...can't wait to see whats coming next.

Cindy said...

Just found you blog! Beautiful photos! I am looking forward to reading more!

Cindy said...

I just found your blog! Your photos are beautiful! I look forward to reading more!