Monday, March 12, 2012

The Traveling Shower Curtain

A few Vintage Marketplaces ago, I made a purchase that was very spontaneous and not thought through, at all.
Well, maybe just a little.
I imagined this curtain (shower curtain, mind you), hanging in my bathroom window, adding such Romance and frilly-ness to our Romantic bedroom/bathroom.
It looked horrible. Definitely not what I had envisioned!
I had buyers remorse, immediately.
Especially so after I thought about how much I spent on it, later to find out, if I had done my research, I could have paid half!
(hear me grumble?)
ANYWAY, being stuck with a very pretty shower curtain,
 I had to come up with some use for it. Boy did I!

The journey of the Traveling Shower Curtain...

She's been a tablecloth for an Event...

A backdrop for a Traveling Boutique...

And now, graces our couch until her next expedition.
Guess what?
I'm probably going to purchase a few more at half price so I can do more with them.
What was a buyers remorse has become a creativity tickler.
I'll keep ya posted on this one...

On another note:
The Chicken Coop is in progress!!

Sneak peek pictures...

Nothing but the best for my hens... note the legs!

The Queens shall reside in the Gazebo
The feathers are coming in quick! This photo was from a week ago
 and as of now, there is very little down left!
My next post will be all about the
poulailler (chicken coop).

Happy Monday!
xo, Amber


Recycled Rita said...

Hi Amber!
Where do you find those shower curtains at half price? I have been looking for one for a long time and they can be soooo expensive! I would like one for the booth.
Thanks! karen....

Amber said...

Okay, here is where you buy them: Victorian Trading Co.

for $49.95. YES, I PAID $100!!! LOL!