Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Beautiful Day

Good Morning!

As I sit at the kitchen table typing away,
I take a look to my right out the window.
I love mornings like this!
Marine layer rolled in sometime last night (early this morn)
and settled in the valley, here.

I have the window open...
The cool air feels good.

I can hear the wildlife (birds) in the
creek foraging for food and
the little Falcon Hawk is swooping down
on the Red Tailed Hawk, for whatever reason.

They do this every morning.
{This happens in my favorite tree}

I hope everyone's day is as peaceful as this moment is.

xo, Amber


Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

Thank you Amber for sharing your peaceful moment. I love hearing the birds sing and tweet. They are such happy little ones, which make me happy.

Kate said...

Hi Girly
Hope you are doing well as you prepare for VMP. Sending you some bloggy love and wishing the best creative energy as the days draw near.


Gretchen said...

Sometimes those little sounds are the most musical and peaceful.

blossoms vintage chic said...

Beautiful!! Amber, you must take a pic of your favorite tree...I'd love to see it!!

Have a beautiful day!


NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful image, Amber! I love a morning when the haze lies along the land and you feel sheltered by it somehow. We used to have a lot of that when we lived on Lake Michigan. I used to LOVE hearing the fog horns and that is one thing I really miss. xo Diana