Monday, May 14, 2012

Making Something...

...With Nothing
There's a Cottonwood tree in the creek behind our house that
I can see perfectly from my kitchen window
{if you know me, you'll know this is my favorite perch}.

Cottonwoods are thirsty trees and for some reason, parts of the them always seem to dry out and stop growing leaves, making them not so pretty.
"Our" tree was just like that until about 3 months ago.
Mother Nature must not have like it either because she rained and winded one day,
so hard, that the rotted/dried part broke off.
And it was BIG!
I got to witness it!
I love the rain so this particular morning
I just happened to be standing at the kitchen sink looking out
 (with the window open),
and BAM! there it went!
It was pretty cool!
The sound, mesmorizing.

My thoughts:
Oooh, there's alot of pretty dried wood to make stuff with!
My first project: Window Treatments!
(my idea and actual attempt didn't quite match up-Scratch!)
Next: Stars!
(this was~and is~a fun one)

I will have a few of these for
The Vintage Marketplace.
Call it my version of a
{remember; I'm a mountain girl, not a beach girl~but I have to play along}

*Here's my star*

Simple and not much to it.
It's pretty big though.
This one sits at the top of the stairs
and is special...
True story:
This picture right above did a very strange thing
to my camera when I clicked.
It froze.
The picture remained on the screen, where it usually
stays on for a couple of seconds
then goes off,
it stayed.
I turned the camera off,
it stayed.
I freaked out!
I had to take the battery out to fix the problem.
Then guess what?
When I downloaded the pictures,
my computer froze on this picture!!
I think this is my lucky star.

There's alot of history on the land that we live.
We'll touch on that another time.

Happy Monday everyone!
See ya soon!

xo, Amber
Oh, one more thing!
The girls say hi!


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Happy Monday to you too! Love the star~

Gretchen said...

What a great idea and I love that you tied them together with fabric. I have stars on my screened porch and our garden shed. This may have to be a project for my grandchildren and I this Summer. Thank you for sharing!


Susie said...

Oh Amber, I love those fancy pants chickens. So cute. I like your star. I have made stars form tree branches also. I should post a photo of them. Smiles to you, Susie

Wild Oak Designs said...

I saw the "women of creativity" from Romantic Homes magazine....congrats!
What a great blog and website...can't wait to explore more.....
Looking forward to the future....

oldgreymare said...

Love the star, love the story more. Pay attention to the message.. whatever it may be.. these mini messages always hold the best moments for me :D
and congrats on the Home mag..I'll have to check it out. I've been under a rock lately.

cestMoi Sandy said...

Hey Amber,

Love the stars!
Love the chicks!

Will see you soon at the Marketplace!

Almost all done!