Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Style

Do you define the way you decorate as a Style?
I do!
It's called, US!

When we lived in our previous home, we completely
re-did everything (almost).
Our CPA had come over for the first time since the remodel and
just said, 'Wow'.
K, what's that supposed to mean?
He just stood there and looked around.
The words ECLECTIC
came out of his mouth and I was a little offended!
He then followed up with:
'It all goes together though'.
{feeling better}
'I like it!'

Still, I started questioning "our style".

It really made me think...
Who made the rules,
{whispering: I think some of those people that classify
 themselves as such, need to find a new line of work}

I call our style, US.
It is Eclectic, and it does all go together.
It's definitely not boring!

I love the unsuspecting.

A few months ago, a Designer my husband does work for came over
to our house. We're just leasing so the house really doesn't have
our brand on it (flooring, paint, etc.).
She walked in and did her scan...

'This is soooo you, Amber'
I had the n*+$ to ask her what she meant
{because I really wanted to know, what that meant}.

'Your home tells a story of who you are. I work for people
all the time that don't know that.
This is so you.'


That just made my heart smile and put a grin on my face.
Not because I needed the approval of someone, well, I guess I did, but
because we have really taken the time to
think about how we want to live our life and live in our home.
It is who we are.

We've been patient and picky on what we buy.

It has to tell a story, and trust me, EVERYTHING in our
house tells a story!

I love our home. We love our home.

The style (shell) of this house isn't close to what we want,
but it is our home for now and what's inside, is what counts.

This topic could go on and on but I'll hush and show some pics.
We'll revisit this another time! ;)

The Black Rooster Cottage...

{this is the table I was talking about in a previous post~there's a good story behind it but I've talked to much in this post. I'll tell ya about this another time}

{bought at a Barn Sale, this was in a fire in NY in the 60's. See the char on the corner of the lid?
It's called a Coffin Chest. It now holds all of my cherished magazines~which means ALL of them.
Yes, it is full}

 This is just the living and dining rooms at the Cottage. There's a whole lot more but we'll save that for another time.

We ordered brand new couches for our family room that won't be here till
the end of the month. Our current leather stuff was bought on CL and is the most uncomfortable furniture ever! Every seat reclines so there is no coziness.
We'll be giving those away... any takers?

New stuff: Extra wide seats and plush!!
Can't wait!!
It looks like Burlap but is a Chenille.

Wanna see real life at the Cottage?
{This is definitely NOT the stuff you see in magazines!}


more projects....

Oh! and more projects!
Our house is lived in!

Even Mia loves her space!

Hugs and a Smooch,


Kate said...

What an awesome post Amber I love your US its perfectly beautiful. I really do love your style and yes it is you! That is what our homes should be a perfect sense of US! Have a great week


NanaDiana said...

Hi Amber- I found you through Romantic Homes. You have a gorgeous blog...and I love it. I am your newest follower AND I am doing a little promo for you on my blog tomorrow. Hope that is okay- maybe you will get a few new followers. xo Diana

Recycled Rita said...

Amber you are so dang cute!!!
I love your style and your home, even the bits that wouldn't make it into Romantic Homes! hugs! karen...

cestMoi Sandy said...

Amber I love love love love love it.
LOVE.... I don't care if it is not all matchy at all.
How funny! Because that is so me!
I do not buy just to buy!
It has to tell a story.
All our stuff does.
I have furniture that we dragged along from home to home to home to....
Storage to home to storage...
When it is YOU/US it makes it your HOME.
Thanks so much for having us in your home... (I always have been kinda curious (lol)

When can I come over?

Susie said...

I love you site Amber. I found it thru Nana Diana. She's wonderful. I will be following you. I will have to get my daughter here to help put my favorite people in the right spot...right now I have my blog pals in my favorites under bloggers. Sorry, I really don't know what I am doing :):) But hey, smiles to you and yours, xo, Susie