Saturday, May 12, 2012

For Mother's Day

I've been thinking about Mother's Day and my post for it.
I was going to share my special thought for the day, but changed my mind.

Instead, I am going to dedicate this to someone that has made a forever stamp in my heart by being her.
Her actions (albeit I'm sure she had no clue she was doing anything at the time), has made me a better mom and a little more of a selfless human being.

...To Mrs. McGuire...

I met Mrs. McGuire in Elementary School right out of the gate...
Her son TJ and I were in the same class for maybe
4 of the 6 years throughout our Grade School  years.
{He was one of the nicest boys I ever met.}

Mrs. McGuire was at school all the time!
I thought she worked there, but now, having a daughter go through the ranks, realize she was a Volunteer.

Every field trip, every party, every play, plus, I'm sure, so much more, she was there.
TJ was her youngest as her daughter was the same age as my Brother and Sisters, which were 5 and 6 years older.
Anyway, I always thought she was so pretty.
She was so nice, too!
I loved being in her group on field trips because she let me hold her hand.

My Sixth Grade year was the most memorable.
I didn't sign up for camp because we couldn't afford it.
That was okay because in Fifth Grade, I got to go for free!
I was on the "Safety Patrol" and was Seargent so our camping expedition was the reward for volunteering.

Safety Patrol=getting to school early and staying after to stop traffic with our candycane striped poles, yellow hard hats, neon orange vests and my trusty whistle, so the other kids could cross safely.
(I don't think they do this anymore)

Mrs. McGuire (she must have been on PTA), asked why I wasn't going, so I told her.
A few days later, I delivered a letter from school to my Mom.
I was going to Camp.

I don't know if Mrs. McGuire paid for my trip or it came out of some
special fund, but I was going.
Before our bus left, she came over and gave me a hug and told me to have fun.

Years later, thoughts of Mrs. McGuire would pop into my head.
I ran into her once when I was in my twenties.
I was on a date with my future husband and we were at a restaurant.
I saw her and she saw me.
She looked exactly the same!
I went over to say hi.
She remembered me!
We shared a hug, news about TJ and his family
and a story or two about Elementary School.

My heart smiled big.

Fast forward to my daughter and Elementary School...

I worked hard to follow in Mrs. McGuire's footsteps.
Those were some mighty big shoes!

I couldn't be there for every single thing,
but made the time to be there most of the time.
Maybe, just maybe I was a fraction of Mrs. McGuire to someone.

Middle School is harder because of my little ones BUT I still do what I can.
We aren't rich (who is) but still find a way to throw in a little extra for a
"scholarship" that goes to another student that doesn't have the funds to

Anyway,  I hope she knows how much she touched me.
Maybe there are more me's out there and feel the same way I do.

~You may not be the biggest and the greatest in your own eyes,
but in someone else's, you are.~

Happy Mother's Day.

xo, Amber


NanaDiana said...

Amber- What a touching, heartfelt post- It brought tears to my eyes thsi morning. If you get the chance please pop by my blog tomorrow (Mother's Day) because I think it just might speak to your heart.

God bless you, sweetie, and Happy Mother's Day- I'm betting you are one great Mom! xo Diana

Susie said...

Sweet Amber, What an awesome post. I know what you are saying...I have worn those shoes. I just told another blogger, that God sent me a guardian angel., she was like a grandmother to me. Thank you for paying it back , the love of Mrs. McGuire. I try to pass along Mrs. Russell's love. Happy Mother's Day, Smiles, Susie

Gretchen said...

What an absolutely lovely blog! Mrs. Mc Guire must be smiling at you and feeling your love. Happy Mother's Day!


good goods & co said...

What a wonderful story, Amber. i hope Mrs. McGuire reads blogs!


oldgreymare said...


This is lovely. Hugs and kisses to all the Mrs McGuires out there. I hope I was the Mrs McGuire at my kids school. I tried to be. My kid's friends stop by when they are in town, and my kids aren't, so I guess I did Ok.

Love this post