Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Don't Ever Give Up...

On Your Dreams."

Don't you just love finding those quotes with
a beautiful photo attached that 
touch your heart and instantly put a smile 
on your face because it just magically
at the right moment
when you just want to throw 
in the towel?
{phew, that was a long sentence!}
I do.
I save many of them.
When I start losing hope,
I scroll through and find 
one that lifts me back up
and re-lights the fire.
Sometimes I even 
"write it on the wall".
{Big Chalkboard}

I know some of my dreams are larger than me
and I open my big fat yapper and think
them OUT LOUD.

That's just me.

So in case you feel like I do, I'll share some 
of them that remind me to not give up.

I think life would be pretty sad if we didn't have
dreams or goals to strive for.

So here are some of my faves:

And my absolute favorite...

Don't give up!
I won't if you don't.

xo, Amber

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