Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let's Talk Kitchens!

I thought I would NEVER say this, but...
we live in a pretty cool Era.
Although my values are old school,
the ability to turn to the computer  
for inspiration in planning, designing 
and decorating,
is priceless.
Since we are slowly inching our
way to buying our next home,
I am always looking for great ideas.
My number one room of choice:
The Kitchen!
I've got my checklist, photos and do's and don't's,
all ready to go!
I have found that I am drawn to a certain style,
certain materials, and a layout
that is waaaay different from the house we
currently reside in.

Here are some INTERNET found 
inspirations.  None of these are my photos, K?

I love all of it! Marble, wood, white and those windows!
{I love white cabinets and lots of windows and marble,
can you tell?}
That island is amazing! Love the reclaimed wood.
Small and cozy. Love!

I LOVE windows, Can ya tell?

Just somethin' about it.

THEN, there's this.....

I think I could absolutely live with this too. 

With all of this inspiration,
I think I will let our future home/kitchen
tell me what it wants. 

Well, unless it already looks like one of these!

Happy dreaming, Friends!

xo, Amber

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