Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine's A Comin'!

The day of the Love profession
is coming!
Do you have any good
crafts to make?

I'll be perusing 
for some inspiration.

The boys and I decided we will make
pretty cookies
and some hand made
to give to the 
cutie girls on the block.

I see heart shaped
lacy doilies in our future.

This will make for a fun
post, dontcha think?

Enjoying our rainy weather today
and admiring my roses in
photos since they're all
resting at the moment.

Hope you're keeping warm!


Susie said...

Amber, Your roses are truly beautiful. Good idea about the valetines.:):) It is a very cold day here.xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

Amber- What a beautiful, beautiful post- Great day- it is below zero here now- xo Diana

cestMoi Sandy said...

Hey Ambern
Love these roses!
Especially the last one!
Enjoy baking and get cozy in this dreary weather!
It has been raining at my side of the woods too ;)


Recycled Rita said...

Hey cutie Amber!
That chicken soup recipe looks delicious!
We are heading out your way the 15th-17th of feb. and wanted to know where that flea market you told us about the first time we were at Vintage Mktplace is..also any junk stores or any other fleas to get vintage goodies for the booth that are reasonable.
Thanks for any help you can give us...we will go anywhere in the area..Menefee,elsinore,rainbow,temecula..or anywhere else you suggest... Thanks! karen...