Sunday, January 6, 2013

Neglected Surprise

With winter in full force,
most of the garden in fully dormant.
I spent a couple of hours this
weekend cutting back the roses
and cleaning up the brambling vines.

Behind the picket fence lie the veggie beds.

I've been a lazy gardener.

I pulled the last of the frost bitten
tomatoes and my chili peppers.

My kale, lettuce and spinach have been
nibbled to itty bitty stubs.

But, to the left...

glorious green!

I tangled my peas and radish together.

FYI: rodents don't like radish.
My last attempt at growing peas ended with
something biting the tender stems and killing
all of my plants.
Not this time!
I planted them together,
and it worked!

I will have to remember this for the Spring.
I'm going to border the entire garden in radish!
Good thing we like them.

Rinsed, trimmed and sprinkled with a little salt.

Now, to find some recipes (if they exist) for an 
abundance of radish.

xo, Amber


Sheila said...

Hi Amber!
Happy 2013...I love your new header it looks great!

I love to add radishes to my homemade ranch dressing ...I finely mince them up and add them for a touch of sauciness and bite :) Enjoy your week!!


NanaDiana said...

LOL- One year we planted radishes in the early spring in a heart shaped pattern- It was really cute. Good luck finding recipes for radishes...besides radish roses! xo Diana

Kate said...

I love the new header too!!!

I lvoe radishes if you find any yummy recipes please do share