Monday, January 21, 2013

Vintage Flowers

This little Violet has been with me since
we moved into this house.
We're talking two years
{wow, time flies!}.

I was worried I was gonna
lose her a few times
despite the loving care
I gave her.

  I learned Violets do not 
like to get their
leaves wet. So I placed her in a
 cup and saucer

from my Great Grandma's
china and started watering
her from the bottom.

Beautiful things started happening!

The leaves grew greener
and I got blooms!

There are more little
purple nuggets
just waiting to emerge, 
under that soft, lush foliage.

Maybe GG or Granny is
here helping me tend to my 
vintage flowers.

Life's lesson:
Taking the time to learn how to properly 
care for and nurture something
brings beautiful results,
regardless of what it is:
A relationship, your children
or even a little plant. 

Who knew my little Violet
and GG and Granny would 
remind me of this without
having to say a word.

Love is a beautiful thing...

xo, Amber


Rita said...

Love it!

Judy said...

I love African violets. They are so easy to take care of. I had a lot of them years ago. I even perfected rooting their leaves and making more plants. They really are a nice little plant.

Susie said...

Amber, It's so pretty. I need to pick one of these up. I had one years grew and grew. xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

That is a sweet and beautiful little plant, Amber. My own mother was a dab hand at raising African violets and had a lot of them in an Southeast facing window- xo Diana

cestMoi Sandy said...

Oh Amber,
They are lovely!
I remember, as a child I would always pet the top of the leaves, they are sooooo soft.

And how pretty to put them in a teacup. Very "becoming"


Mom E. said...

My Mother grew African Violets and yours reminds me so much of her! I might just have to get one and put it in my guestroom! That room we had in mind for her to come stay with us when she could no longer take care of herself, but she was able to live in her own home until she passes away...thanks for the lovly picture and reminder!
Hugs to your heart,