Friday, January 27, 2012

Let the Garden Gate Open!

On February 1, 2012, the Garden Gate will fly open!

Black Rooster Cottage  will re-launch its Online Boutique
Our very first Quarterly E-Newsletter will be sent out!

If you are not on our email list and would like to receive our
Quarterly E-Newsletter, please go to:
and add your information to the Contact Us link.

Our E-Newsletter will share fabulous pictures, decorating ideas (staging, too!) yummy recipes, great venues and shops to peruse,  awesome Blogs to visit and in the future, a Guest spot!

So, if you're interested, jump on board! We'd love to have you in the Cottage!

Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Wednesday!!

XO, Amber

p.s. If you do sign up, please add to your contact list so the Newsletter doesn't get delivered to the spam folder. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fluttering Hearts

Sunday was Flea Market day at Whimzy in Olde Town Tustin.
Kerri, Rita and I went shopping!
I didn't photograph my purchases but I did take pictures!

This is show, then tell....

First, I love this picture!
I can envision a day long ago where someone in an old Oldsmobile would pull up and buy some ice for their "ice box" back at the house. Just soo cool that it's still there. I think it still works.

Now, Begin...

Whimzy is the host to the twice yearly event in Santa Ana called
I have had the honor of being a Vendor and let me tell you, it's INCREDIBLE!
You must make a trip sometime! Their next show is in March, so google
GLITTERFEST and check it out!

~Lunch Break~

After Tustin, we hit the Cirle in Old Orange.

My heart flutters everytime I see this...
(remember show, then tell)

Rita, Debbie (this is her space with Kate) & Kerri

Me, Debbie & Kerrie
This amazing room is inside Country Roads Antiques.
They have the most amazing selection of things.
Often times (always), my ooh and ahh list greatly exceeds my checkbook balance.
(maybe I need a sugar daddy. No, that's gross.)

Debbie (Blossoms Vintage Chic) shares this room with Kate of Salvage Dior.
I haven't had the honor of meeting Kate yet, but Debbie is a Vendor at The Vintage Marketplace, too.
These girls together, in the same room... AMAZING!
I always tell Debbie I want to live in her space, where ever it is!

You must visit their blogs:
 You will love them!

I hope you enjoyed the shopping trip.
Got some stuff to make other stuff!
Can't wait to start!
Today = rain = planning
Rest of the week = sunny and warm = painting furniture

See you soon!
xo, Amber

Friday, January 20, 2012

True Love...

Meet my friend, Mr. Gregarious
~Gambler, to those that know him.

Such a handsome man.

Dignified. Strong. Gallant.
So Very Strong Willed.
Yet, a Beautiful Soul.

I wasn't looking for him, he just came into my life at precisely
the right time.
I swore I would never be in the company of another
Gray-haired man
(I was done with white horses and dirt!).

But, as fate would have it, there he was.
It was just meant to be.

My favorite times were getting to the Ranch super early in the morning, letting him nibble some hay, then ride out, by ourselves.
When we moved to the country, he came with.
Every morning,
I'd stand on the tub and look down at the barn. He'd be there looking up with pricked ears waiting to
 hear the front door open.
He'd always nicker.
As soon as I started down the hill, he'd mosey inside to wait for his hay and senior feed.

I miss the smell of the barn.

I miss the sound of the horses eating.

I miss cleaning poop.

I miss my Gambler.
The bond we shared is one that I have never felt with man or beast.
He was perfect (Sorry Honey).
He listened.
Never offering me advice,
 but always, always offered a warm neck to hug, a long mane to keep my hands warm,
a mischievous and sometimes hard nip and
 the biggest brown eyes that said,
"It'll be alright. I love you, my darling".
(Okay, maybe not THAT, but a girl can pretend!)

I didn't have Gam in my life for long enough,
 but I felt he was in my life forever.

There will never be another. Maybe someday close.
It's been three and a half years but I still think of him often.

I love hearing the boys say his name,

Anyway, this post comes from seeing an amazing video my friend, Lisa Loria, shared on facebook about the bond between man and Equine.
Click here to be mesmerized:
She recently lost a beloved pet and it made me think of Gam.
So, I dedicate this to all of you that
have had a "Gambler"...Equine or not.

Big Hugs and a Cheek Kiss,

p.s. My Gam and my Man happen to share the same birthday.
I guess that makes him a keeper. ;)
Love you, B!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Little Roo Went To The Market...

Preparing for The Vintage Marketplace...

handmade faux cupcakes and pastries

vintage medallions and cherub switch covers (I painted one white and distressed it-CUTE!)

Cow print with rustic, handmade frame (also available in creme and distressed black)

Madame/Monsieur pillows plus many, many more!

vintage marble cheese stands

vintage silver

more vintage silver

candelabras and chandy's

Lots of handmade goodies

puppy beds (new design with headboard and footboard coming!)

Monogram pillows and family of ___ (by order)

Yummy silver and pewter

wonderfully worn silverware

Watch out, I'm playing with Chicken Wire!

Burlap Purses, both handbags and shoulder bags

New garden art

Plus, sooo much more!

Looking forward to a fabulous Traveling Boutique at
The Vintage Marketplace!

I hope to see you there!

xo, Amber

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rise and Shine (the Roo's Crowing)!

Although we are in the midst of Winter, I have awoken!

I miss the girls! Ruby the red-head and Laverne & Shirley
A New Year.
New Views.
New Beginnings.

Being away hasn't meant doing nothing.
The creative juices have started flowing again and it feels so good! Taking the time and coming together with my friends has given me new breath.
Thanks, girls!
There's still alot going on, and I will share some. Part of my hesitation in divulging anything was because so much is/has been up in the air.
BUT, you deserve to know a little, because you are my friends.
For starters... we hoped (still have those fingers crossed) to relocate to a new place:
Not sure if it's in the stars for us, but we are (still) trying.
For our family, it's just the type of quality of life we'd love for our children and ourselves.
If the position opens up for my Hubs, then it'll happen.
If not, then... we will remain here (grumbling).
I do have to say,
I would miss my dear Vintage Marketplace Girlfriends!
Speaking of which.... March 2 & 3, 2012
Black Rooster Cottage will be there,
along side, Pansy Cottage Garden!
Let's call it the Rooster's Cottage in the Pansy Garden! :)

This Spring show will bring the Garden and
Country Cottage alive!
We're leaving the black at home this time, in lieu of...
Light, Airy, Farmy, Cottagy, YUMMY!
If you love Chicken Wire, Wood, Burlap, Lace, Tulle
and Cottage Chic, you'll want to be there!

Jacqueline deMontravel (editor of Romantic Homes)
will be there signing her newest, beautiful book...
Friday, March 2 from 11-1:30

You can purchase your copy there!

I just feel so... Henrietta Hen-ish, right now! :)
Anyways, good to be back and I look forward to visiting YOU and you visiting me!

xoxo!! Amber