Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Will You Come?

As in life, things change.
They evolve, grow, flourish
and sometimes take another route
to the destination.

I LOVE Black Rooster Cottage,
but I'm ready to spread my wings
and fly.

My new blog will curate our
new life in our town
and our adventure of making our
new house a home.

Our little Cottage blog
is growing up.
I'd like to introduce you to...

(you can click the photo to directly link)

I hope to see you soon!

xo, Amber

Monday, September 9, 2013

Laundry Room update

Seriously, it's gonna be the first 
room that is done. 

I'm cool with that!
Bruce ran into town for supplies
yesterday morning and came home with some
finish ply.
We had discussed the kind of counters
to put in the laundry room for folding.
1.) a vintage dresser
2.) big box laminate in either black or white
3.) DIY smooth paint-able finish,
trimmed out.

Number 1.) wouldn't work unless we stacked the
washer/dryer (which we intended to do originally 
but I changed my mind because I like to ponder things then "decide")
and it was a bit deep and wouldn't fit directly under the 
window (I'm a freak for aesthetics) because if it did,
the door would knock right into it.
Number 2.) wouldn't work because the counter depth would 
not completely cover the tops of the units 
and I wouldn't be able to handle that!
Number 3.) WINNER because we (he) could cut it to fit and 
we could add the "us" element.
The awesome thing? There's even enough room
for sewing!

The cost for this was for the finish plywood only.
We (he) trimmed it out with pieces we saved from 
casing of doors we replaced (waste not!)
and the leg was a reclaimed newel post we pulled from 
the staircase. 
But the most important element:
A man with some skill!

It's a catch-all at the moment because 
the whole house is a construction zone
and I haven't caulked, primed or painted yet
but I can see the finished product!

This week, the crown will be done in the kitchen and laundry
room and we will have picked up the flooring for that room
as well. We're going with a black slate looking porcelain.
Can't wait.
THEN I need to purchase some new "vintage inspired" 
handles for the big white cabinet  (Hobby Lobby) and I am 
pondering on wallpapering the face
of the old refrigerator with a Toile wallpaper
I have. I'm still thinking about the process.
 I'm not telling the Mister though.
He spent a few hours peeling off the (ugly) 
stickers before we moved.
 This fridge had spent many years
in the garage as the beer holder.

I think this might end up being my favorite room
in the house. Well, till some of the other rooms are done.

Happy week you ALL. ;)

xo, Amber

p.s. follow ups to follow as they are done!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Update on The Cottage

We have been going at this place we call home,
non stop.
Well, except for yesterday.
We went to the beach.
Panama City, Florida, to be exact!

It was really nice to take a break from the house
and go exploring.
We had such a great time and can't wait
to explore somewhere else along the coast.

They don't lie when they say the sand is sugar white and
the water is warm. Us "Westies" are 
not accustomed to that because the
Pacific Ocean way out West is mighty COLD!

The kids had a blast.
We didn't plan on having a day "at" the beach
(we were going to hit a few places to decide where 
our beach day would be in the future)
but two little fellas had different plans.

It was a fun, fun day. 
Can't wait to have another
"day off"!

Below are some photos of The Cottage and our progress.
These were taken a few days ago and I have since
 finished painting the kitchen ceiling and getting the first coat on 
the walls. It's really starting to come together
and I am excited!
Each room will have it's own
blog post with before and after photos.
Getting closer to that makes me happy!


My pink ceiling!

 My Laundry Room

 The Kitchen

 Our living room

 Our front yard and garden area that 
is getting a complete makeover.
Keeping the fence though,
at least for now.

 I cleared out the inside of the picket fence today.
 There's beautiful Lantana growing on the other side
so I'm deciding whether to make a border garden or sod to the fence line. Hmm...

 Our backyard (we did this on Labor Day).
Wait, isn't it supposed to be a day free from labor?

And where we haul all the trimmings for pickup.
So much stuff, you can't see the fence!
The city guys come by a couple of times
a week to pick up trimmings {for FREE}!
I like to keep them coming back. Last time I gave them
warm brownies. This time it will be cupcakes. 
I ain't no fool!

Yep, that's about it for now.
On our way home from the beach,
we pulled over so we can catch a few pics of 
these cuties. Don't you just want to kiss that face? 
If that calf was mine, I would!

See you all soon. 
{I have to keep you and all separated still.
I'm not at the ya'll stage yet. I did have to let 
go of my "you guys" because I got the business
for saying that!!}

xo, Amber