Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bye-bye California!

Friday morning in the wee hours
of the darkness,
we'll be crossing State lines
with the Golden State in our 
rear view.

It will absolutely be a bittersweet
moment but we know that 
what lies ahead is going 
to be something we have longed for,
for such a long time.

The hard part will be leaving family
and friends behind.

The easy part: leaving the rat race.

Being in our 40's, 
we look so forward to the second half (or more)
of our lives.

We look forward to new friends,
 catching up and being closer to distant family
 a place to call home that 
feels like a vacation every day.

Sweet home Alabama.
That's where we will be.

See you when we get there!

Hugs and Love,