Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Family Tree...

She may be small but she's mighty.

I am Grateful for...

Beautiful Friends that I
consider my Family.
You know who you are.

Thank you for your love.

xo, Amber

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Just a.....


My last post was about preparing for Fall,
so in the meantime,
we have been.

My reliable wood-working-loving hubby
fashioned a smaller version of
a rustic dining table for
Black Rooster Cottage.

The next one will have turned legs and have
a little different paint treatment.

This particular one shall sit outside to weather a little
(it's hardwood so I don't know how that's gonna pan out).

Although this style isn't for everyone,
it is for me!
And, to be honest, I only sell things in my
Boutique that I love and would have in
our own home.

I love making something from nothing.

Not bad, huh?

I need a desk with a hutch...

xo, Amber

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm Thinking of.....


I know we just barely celebrated
our Independence and that
we are smack dab in the middle
of Summer
I'm thinking ahead.

Fall is my most favorite time of the year.
I love the thought of crisp clear days and the
smell of spiced apple anything wafting through
the air.
I wish we had that kind of weather here in
Sunny California.... in the Fall, not January thru March!

Anyway, clicking through some old photos,
I came across these.
I was looking for inspiration as I am planning
my booth for Fall and
The Vintage Marketplace,
to which the theme is
Rust and Romance.

I'm excited and have yummy ideas!

These photos are from our previous home.
It was gorgeous inside.
That's the only thing I miss about it. Well,
and the fact the boys were born while living there.

We drove through the old neighborhood today
and are glad we made the right choice {of leaving}.

If only it were easy to pick up a house and move it....

xo, Amber

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Grape Escape

My BFF came up yesterday to deliver some junque and to have a girls day.
I decided to give her a little Wine Country escape.

My most favorite Winery here in Temecula is Ponte.

Maybe because I'm a little partial to barns...
and because they are so darn nice here...
and they have the yummiest wine...
and they have the yummiest food in the most gorgeous
garden setting.

This is Sharon Hughes, the Pansy Girl behind Pansy Cottage Garden.

Get to know her here:

{Sharon was in awe}

We did a little shopping...
{that's dipping sauce-Scallion Oil}

THEN I spied this!

And studied it...

And got some close-ups for Mr. BRC
because unfortunately, I did not have
$1100.00 in change in my ashtray in the truck!

Here's a peek inside my brain...

An old dresser with the bottom drawers removed.
Cut plywood and a little trim.
A fabulous paint job.
A one of a kind, over the top, wine storage cabinet.

Stay tuned for that one because I just added it to the list!

After our fabulous lunch, we headed
to Old Town to visit a couple of
Antique Shops and see some friends.

It was a good Sunday.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

xo, Amber

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Farm Fresh

{It's a beautiful morning.
I'm sitting at the kitchen table
with the slider open,
listening and watching the crows migrate to
 where ever they go,
the wild birds flying around the yard
foraging for food
and the hens chasing them
when they land in the yard.
It's breezy and cool (for now).
I hope the cloud cover stays today.
What do I smell?
 Delicious cakes baking.
My treat for a friend that
 has invited us over for lunch today.}

5 months to the day...

They finally layed!

Big Birdie, first.
ChickiePoo, second.
Annabelle, third.
And my Mabel... {she's a little slow}.

To my non-chicken loving friends...
I'm sorry I am soo excited about "eggs".
It's kind of a big deal when you raise your birds from
wee little chicks that grow into big beautiful birds that actually
pay you back...with eggs and fertilizer.
These girls have been the funnest of all the chickens we have had.
So personable and eager to greet.
Seriously, they're like puppies.
My girls are "free range", well, as free range
as you can get in a suburban lot.
They get locked up at night for safety but are
let loose to seek bugs and shade till nightfall.
They are happy hens.

Wanna see some purdy eggs?

One breed... four different colors.
I can tell who lays what...
Dark with specs=Mabel

In the Gazebo where they are housed, I planted a
Honeysuckle vine that has covered the
wrought iron in delicious foliage and bloom.
I love going in there. It is a sweet smell.
No chicken farm stinkies here! Haha!

There is also a grape vine growing along side Honey.
Unfortunately, the Rats have eaten all but one cluster.
I'm clipping it today and setting out an electric trap.
Grapes aren't good for the girls anyway.

Some pics of some purdy girls...

In case you couldn't tell, Miss. Birdie is always
up front and center. She kinda adopted me.
She's my side kick in the yard with the others in tow.

Some other Cottage garden shots...

Darn rodents!!!

{Baby Hawk is sqwacking in "the tree". I crack up because
Mama just sits there ignoring him/her.
Time to learn how to hunt baby!}

Have a beautiful day.
Hopefully you are keeping cool.

xo, Amber

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cupcakes For Everyone!

First, I must say...
They have that long strap on cameras for a reason.
I had it right in the pile of "to takes" and
voila! it stayed on the counter.
Next time I will sleep with it around my neck so
My disclaimer:
Pictures are with my phone = lousy.
I asked my friend, Rita to bring her camera so
when she sends me some pictures, I'll share.

These stands are made by my Mr. BRC. The bottom
one has removeable marble which can be refrigerated
for your cheese or cake! Pretty smart, huh? :)

My "watering can" is always a hit!

a re-purposed window!

What you can do with cabinet door cast-offs!

"The Dress" on the left. I will take some real photos
of the flowers my girl made.
YIPPEE! Rita photos. I didn't touch up so you can
see if clear full color.


Me and my daddio!

Thank you, my sweet Rita for your photography!!

Thank you to all of my friends...
Your support means so much to me.
Love you to bits!!

xo, Amber