Friday, March 22, 2013

Keep On, Keepin' On

I didn't always Believe.

It's easy not to,
especially when you are handed 
things beyond your control
that are very painful.

the wedding band

Things that happen out of your control 
regardless of how hard you work 
to keep it all together.

You have to make some 
hard decisions 
that most people don't understand
and most of those people, 
make up their own stories about 
"what happened"
instead of asking for the truth.

It's amazing to hear the story
when it comes back around to you.

My post isn't for sympathy.
No, it is NOT.

It's for those that cast judgement
and point and laugh at others
when they are down.

I don't believe in that and
I think it's a horrible way to live.

Most importantly,
it's for those that are
going through that rough time.

You aren't alone.
Even if nobody is physically
standing by you,
you are not alone.

When you are stripped of 
pretty much everything
but the clothes on your back,
you have no choice but to start believing.

If you are where we've been,
Keep the Faith.

I share this today because of
and today's,
Daily Truth.

It really does all work out the way it's supposed to.

It makes you dig deeper and see the 
only true things that are important.

One day soon, I will share our story.

But today,  please believe in this....

Dear Amazing Girl,

Sometimes the bravest thing we ever have to do is accept a different answer to a wish, a dream, a hope or a prayer than the one we were 
asking for, and trust that it is still going to work out o.k. in the end.

No one is immune from disappointments, and confusing turns of events, and things turning out waaaaaay different than we planned on. Our characters are built, our patience is grown, and our hearts are strengthened when these things happen . . . in ways that they could not have otherwise.

A lot of suffering can be passed by when we just TRUST that things are working out even when we can't see how it is possible. So many times, we have to travel through a "rough part of town" to get to the most beautiful parts and there is no other way but through those parts. If you are in one of the "rough" parts right now. Just keep moving. Soon you will see the places that you were headed to when you set off on this journey. If you stop now, you will be stuck exactly where you are. 

Sooo, keep moving, friend. Keep your chin up, keep your thoughts in happy places. Keep believing, keep dreaming, keep hoping, keep wishing, keep 
praying, and most importantly keep the faith. This is all headed somewhere good!


...for we've been through that part of
town and are just coming out
 on the other side.
It's been a long drive, but now,
I can say it's been well worth it.

We've got two healthy, rambunctious
little boys about ready to turn 5 
to prove it. 

Much love.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

My dream last night...

Before I went to bed last night, 
I was online looking at 
Real Estate,
which is kinda my nightly ritual.

I have this thing about
remodeling every
house I look at.
You know,
"If this was my kitchen...
~Oooh, it would look amazing if...
~That wall needs to come out...
~I'd paint the exterior such and such color...
~Oh, English roses lining the walk ..."
and on and on.

This place popped up on the screen
when I clicked on 'Newest Listings'.

Are you in love or what?

It's a clean slate!

What's that mean {suspiciously}?

Be prepared, this usually scares
many a folk...

Uh, it's completely gutted
down to the wood lathe
and studs.

And I spy some hardwood under 
all that dust!

living room, dining in the middle and kitchen in back

Here's the kicker...

Cost: $9000

Shut the front door!!

YES, $9000

Now, having a  Contractor husband,
is kinda dangerous
because he's just as crazy as me.

We've had plenty of discussions about
what we will buy and the condition it's in.

We know this for sure:
it WILL be a fixer.

This qualifies, don't ya think?

I showed him the house and he
just looked at me.


It went on the list of
"Potential Properties".

Okay, so to my dream...

I'm not saying this house was in it
but I did dream about this dang kitchen
{I've shared it before because I LOVE it}

...probably because I look at the picture

My husband is not in love with the checked floor
like I am,
so we agreed that when the time comes,
it'll be wood like
{I ain't into tile!}
and I'll compromise with 
a checked or harlequin  area rug,
which I already have earmarked
in my favorites. 

{I'll do checked floor in the laundry room
since that is my room}

Obviously, there are things I'd do different,
but this kitchen has been 
such an inspiration 
for my bucket list.

Anyway, when the time does come
for us to buy and renovate,
you'll be along for the ride.

Just wait and see how we 
a dollar. 
We are cheapskates and 
with today's resources,
you can get alot of bang 
for your buck if you put
on your thinking cap!

I'll even figure out to do a video so 
we can show you some

I hope you have an inspirational weekend.

It's a big birthday weekend here
and there's some
Bluegrass calling my name.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Black Accessories

I can't tell you how many times
I go blog cruising and
find myself falling in love 
with other people's 
Light and Airy,
Wispy and Bright.
It's ALL so beautiful.

Then I start to question...
maybe I'm too dark.

Mmm... but, I do love my black.

And it is me
{and Black Rooster Cottage}.

Black can be classy.
Black can be distressed and worn
and still look spectacular.

I love that it could be a little
mysterious, too.

I found this typewriter at the 
Antique Mall for super cheap,
and since 
I've always wanted one
 to display
old family photos,
 it became a new 
member to the
Black Rooster Cottage family.

Writing this has made me 
remember what I always knew...

Stay true to yourself.
Use what you love
because only then 
does your house become
your home.

xo, Amber

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mr. Mailman...

... Bring me some Spring...

Guess what happened over the weekend in
Sunny Southern California?
Temperatures in the 80's.

Warm enough for the 
Slip N Slide
and getting dirt under one's nails.

I'm sure it was a false warm up
but Armstrong's beckoned me.

So I went.

A few seedlings and some seeds later...

{my vintage mailbox houses my hand tools
 and fastening tape}

I can't wait till everything starts sprouting leaves.

{this arbor to the veggie garden will be
covered with grapes}

Although we won't be here to enjoy all the things I've
planted, I hope the next tenants will.



{sugar snap peas}

{pea blossom}


{taking pre-caution because I don't think we're done with frost}

{tomato. It's a TOMATO. Just making that clear
because it could resemble something else}

{I think they like their Parisian Print Burlap!}

I also set seeds for squash and cucumbers.
 A little early, I know, but they were left-over from 
last growing season so if they don't do anything,
 nothing lost. :)

{my little cherub under the olive tree}

{I always refresh the containers
with pretty posies}
{the roses are sprouting!}

{and my favorite tree that we planted near the patio
for the much needed afternoon shade: Chinese Elm}
In a month, I'll post an update 
on the garden and yard.
I marked the calendar so I
won't forget!

I hope Spring is headed your way if you
are still knee deep in snow.