Thursday, April 26, 2012

Raindrops on Roses

The last couple of days have been strangely hot here.
Not ready for summer weather, in the least!
Yesterday we were expecting rain, to which it sprinkled off and on...
Evening time: WIND!
It finally blew in and it rained!
Our yard looks fabulous after Mother Nature sprinkles her love around.
Sprinklers just do not compare to a pure, even rain.

I awoke this morning around 6, to a beautifully cloudy morning.
It was drizzling and I remembered what I learned in
Photo 101:
Cloudy weather is the perfect lighting element for
beautiful pictures.

My PJ's, my Canon and my flipflops.

I love the freshness of rainy days.
It's so cleansing.

I love that the aphids get demolished so I
don't have to do it.

I love the vividness of freshly washed foliage.

I hope Mother Nature visits more often.

~Have a beautiful day~

xo, Amber

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

May Day, May Day!

May 1st will mark the second edition of
Black Rooster Cottage's
quarterly e-newsletter!
Subscribers will receive it on the 1st
then it will be posted on the
Black Rooster Cottage website
on the 15th.

This edition will celebrate
Mother's Day!

We will show you how to make our version of:

~DIY Faux Cupcakes!
~A Yummy Brunch Recipe
~Some Beautiful Decorating
and a Tribute to Special Women.

To get your e newsletter on the 1st, just click here:

and your set!

See you soon!

xo, Amber

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Restful Sunday

My mind is full of inspirational ideas.

My hands are full of informative literature.

The smile on my face proves that I am on the right path.

I will take a day off from work,
 let it soak in, sit, reflect, read, look around
and enjoy a beautiful, blessed day with my family.

Yesterday was a wonderful day!

Happy Sunday, friends!

xo, Amber

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saturday in Paris... (in a Cup)

This Saturday, April 21, 2012,
I will be transported many, many miles away, but, not really.
Launch Your Creativity ( is hosting a wonderful event
to inspire, boost and encourage Women of Business
(and Women that want to Launch their own), in a wonderful
Tea room in Old Town Orange.
~Paris In A Cup~

I will, will absolutely take pictures!

Black Rooster Cottage is bringing a little
 something, something to give away, too!

What could that be??

Black Diva Chandelier:
 Boa/Vintage Crystals/Hand Dyed Shades
White Shabby Chandelier:
 Boa/Pearl Garland/Hand Dyed Pink Shades

Of course I will be making more for
The Vintage Marketplace in June!!

Wishing you a beautiful day!

xo, Amber

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Husbands Version of Polishing Silver...

What do you do when you order, purchase and receive something
that you thought was going to be perfect
but turns out to be...
Grab some sandpaper and steel wool!

You will probably cringe as you read this :)

I have been hunting high and low for the perfect Silverware set to replace our old plain Tarjay stuff with a few Southern Living pieces thrown in.
Not pretty.
I wanted something ornate but Vintage looking.
 Lo and behold, one morning, there it was,
staring me square in the face.

My every day ritual (before the house awakens) is to have my cup o' coffee
and check the electronic mailbox.

My trusty online shop was featuring Silverware and I met my match!

I was in L*O*V*E!
It was perfect!

Hunny said, "Go for it", so I did.

I waited 3 weeks for it to arrive!
I opened the box and this is what I saw...

That is not, repeat NOT,  what it looked like in the picture!!
The picture I saw was Silver with Gold antiquing in the nooks and crannies!


I was heartbroken because the beauty of ornate-ness was there,
they just messed up by plating it in GOLD.

I guess it would be perfect if I had Royalty coming
for Tea and Crumpets

I put it back in the box and waited till my love came home...
His remark was "What the H#77?"

He leaves the room and comes back, with sandpaper!
Guess what? My dream silverware appeared!

Here's the difference:

Quite the difference and not "new" looking-anymore.

400 grit and steel wool, my heroes.

Now my Silverware is perfect!

So, about those Tea and Crumpets...
Would you settle for Coffee and Cream Cheese and Cherry Toast?

Have a fab weekend!
xo, Amber

Sneak peek of something for The Vintage Marketplace come June!
A Tabletop Writing Desk...


Monday, April 9, 2012

My Country Life...

What Country Living means to me...

...grown by me... first successful attempt at growing lettuce (eat your heart out rodents!)...

...almost ready...

...looking forward to a bountiful bounty this year...

...chicken wire, conduit and framing angles aka: rodent deterrent

...delicious lemon balm...

...pretty viola's for color... galvanized "pots"... seating... friends sharing shade...

... a country garden is incomplete without chickens...


...line drying...

... Black Rooster Cottage "linen"...

...dressing up the old, to make new...

My Country Life.... Suburban Style (for now).

Sending you Country love,

Amber & Mabel