Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our New Home!

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Feathered Nest Friday...
 Using inexpensive Trim for the WOW factor!
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Well, that's a little deceiving...
It's not "our" new home, it's
The Black Rooster's new home.

We finished up our space at
Granny's Antique Mall
in Temecula!

We'll be moving in tomorrow (Thursday) and
I'm sure for a few days after that, too.

Our "Official" Grand Opening will be on
 Sunday, July 8th from 11-2
with Boutique Cupcakes!

Space #17

Here's what we did...


The striped wallpaper and old carpet wasn't quite fitting for
 my Black Rooster Cottage style.

 Ch, ch, ch, changes.....

LOVE how the wallpaper looks!
I was going to use a Toile and
am soooo glad I didn't!
It's a beautiful cream, white, gray and black.

 I will be carrying this line of wallpaper for sale, too.
 I have it on order!
It will be in, in a couple of weeks.

Looks like expensive Wainscot, huh?
{Being married to a Contractor has its perks!}

We had such a great time doing this.

It took us a total of 12 hours. We had to work
before the store opened then a little
during business hours.

Not bad for 3 days, huh?

We spent under $100.

Almost everything was recycled material!

Mantle~ recycled from a tear out
Mantle Surround~ used the wood from an old cabinet
Trim~ leftovers from jobs (had to buy a little bit)
Crown~ leftover pieces from old jobs (had to buy one stick)
Applique~ new from a dealer at Granny's

I just spent money on the wallpaper, primer and (good) paint!
{I didn't peel the existing wallpaper,
I just peeled the loose stuff then primed!}

Guess what?
You can have this too!

My husband is a Licensed Contractor and he's GOOD!
Really, he is. He's very creative, very picky (meticulous) and

Tell him his wife sent you! :)

Working on this was like putting on my favorite
old sneakers...

Prior to the boys being born,
I was a Home Stager/Realtor.

In the business of "sales",
Perception is Everything!
{I hope it works here!}

Hmm.... GREAT, my mind is at it again...

Hope to see you next Sunday!

XO, Amber

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Giving Tree...

I often talk about The Tree...

It's the one I see from my kitchen window
that's in my backyard, but not really.
It's actually in the creekbed behind the house,
which feels like an extension of our yard.

That creekbed is the reason we chose this house as our transitional home.

Here she is...

This tree is a giver.
In Spring, it's the place where it seems all the wild birds go to
"meet up" with each other.
{The kids first lesson in The Birds and the Bees}

It's the tree where baby hawk roosted after he left the nest.

Boy was he noisy!! 

Always screaming for Mama to bring him some food.
{Their nest is just a stones throw to the Church
where the old Eucalyptus tree is.
I think they use the same nest over and over}

The tree has giving me some beautiful pieces of dried wood to make these...

And I've used some to make teepee's for the garden.

Cottonwoods are early leaf losers...
They turn turn the brightest yellow and the walking path turns into
the yellow brick road, come Fall.

Who knew you could learn so much from them.

xo, Amber

Monday, June 18, 2012

Around the House...

This, that and the other...
I'm working on Black Rooster Cottage goods
and my trusty camera went to the
job site today with the boss,
so I'll just share some pictures from the past...

...Wishing you a beautiful start to the week!

xo, Amber

Friday, June 15, 2012


First and foremost,
to all that took the time to enter!

I know that, if you're like me,
sometimes you think...
'why bother? I never win'.

Well, if I had won the lottery, you'd all be winners!
The odds were purdy darn good, though!
Oh, let's get to it!

The Winner of the
Secondhand Treasures magazine is......

Christy B.!!!

Please email me your full name and
mailing address so I can get this to you ASAP! }

We'll be having another giveaway
in the next couple of months
so stay tuned!


Wishing you all a wonderful day!

xo, Amber

Monday, June 11, 2012

Simple Happiness...

{The Giveaway is still on! You can post your desire to
be entered here, on this post, or go to the previous post to enter.
Either way, I'll get notification!}

Miss. Birdie...
Something so simple,
it puts a smile on both my face and heart...

It takes me far away from from any negative or bad.

It makes me daydream about the Country life we will soon have...

My s.i.m.p.l.e pleasures....

vintage linens on the line...

galloping hens...

in pursuit of shade...

greetings at the door...

home grown anything...

I hope you have some s.i.m.p.l.e pleasures that you can enjoy today, too.

Till next time...

xo, Amber